May 182012

#000000;">i’m laughing… my eyes are watering (and i may or may not have tears running down my legs)

#000000;">so happy it’s f.r.i.d.a.y. (only 2 more to go)

#000000;">this photo came from a co-worker today…

brain games –

#000000;">1. An act or series of acts of calculated psychological manipulation, especially in order to confuse or intimidate. Often used in the plural.

#000000;">2. An activity that provides entertainment and challenges the intellect.


#000000;">i started out on luminosity’s website playing some games and was having an ok time of it, until my free trial ran out. i refuse to pay money to spell “cat” as the letters are floating through the water emblazoned on a gold fish… sheesh …. lookout facebook… i don’t spend a great deal of time there generally – until recently that is. they have bejeweled… free… and so figgin addicting.

#000000;">i’m lucky to find three gems baubles (prefer to call them baubles… sounds prettier) of the same color in a pattern that works… i guess that’s the point of the game and why it’s good for me… my eyes have to identify colors, shapes, and patterns…. and i really, really suck at it.

#993300;">i can’t stop playing that stupid ass game… i can’t… i tried… i can’t

#000000;">and it is so completely and overwhelmingly capable of putting me into a frenzied state of frustration…. and to make matters worse… the guys at work all play it to. and there’s this stupid “leader board” over on the right side of the screen that shows me just how horrible i am at the game… but it’s free

#000000;">my typical score is anywhere between 2,500 and 7,000 per “play” … if i get more than 100,00 here and there, well, it’s after taking a few adderalls, smoking 16 cigarettes, and drinking a pot of coffee ha! but those guys from work? WTH?! 900,00? how in the world does one get a score like that?

#000000;">the game resets every tuesday and everyone’s score goes back down to zilch. i jump on there when i get home and if i’m lucky, i’ll be the first one to score on the board… my measly 6,000 will be the top dog on the leader board…. a few weeks ago, somehow someway, i managed to score around 148,000 on my first “play” of the week… i was so excited i wet myself. i was on the top of the board! with a 6 digit score….

#000000;">for 32.4 seconds. bastards. i was immediately displaced to the second page of players… which is lower than 6th place… so that means in those 32.4 seconds, 6 other players scored higher than me… and not by just 1 or 2 points… but more like a 300,000 point margin… bastards.

#000000;">the game itself pisses me off to no end… remember that post yesterday about using #000000;">naughty words? yeah. well.

#000000;">the voice of bejeweled is this man with a deep voice that likes to try and encourage me with his lies throughout the game



#008000;">“good job”


#000000;"> finding three gems baubles of the same color in a pattern that works… the round of “play” only lasts 1 freakin minute… 1 minute… as soon as i find a groove (well, ok not really a groove), the pre-alarm warning starts sounding… bonk bonk bonk… and then i get stressed and try to hurry and just flub it all up…. and i really, really suck at it.

#000000;">coach sits over there in the peanut gallery snickering at my ass the entire time.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “baubles and gems in one minute or less”

  1. I used to be a Bejeweled addict, but NOT on the one-minute Facebook version. My old computer had it loaded and I would play for HOURS until my eyes would water due to fatigue. And how those people get suck high scores is so beyond me — I rarely got a hit that cascaded, which gives you the big points. I guess some people are like my nephew who, when he was a kid, could whiz through maze books when he was four; I could just “see” the way through. These winners you speak of must have that “talent.” It’s fun, But ….. SUCH A TIME SUCK – ARGH.

  2. Even a year ago you would have had to torture me to get me to confess I ever condescended to play an online game. I am such a snob!! lol But I have mellowed since I have seen the good company I am in.

    I cannot play Bejeweled or any of those timed games because they make me too anxious. I actually will get palpitations from the pressure! Pathetic. And I think that man is dead scary!! lol

    But I really do like to play Scrabble and Words with Friends or Hexic. I like Snood too, which is ancient but still fun. 🙂

    • i used to have sega and playstation years ago… and i got absolutely nothing done when i had those systems! nothing! i would sit and play games for hours on end LOL it’s probably a good thing i no longer own anything like that….

      i haven’t played games in so many years… until the whole brain game thing became part of my official treatment plan… ugh… i like the word games and the arcade games too… but i must admit, i get very anxious playing the timed games… i want more than 1 freakin minute! gawd!

      i have enjoyed some of the “hidden object” games as well but they are so involved and take up so much time… the cool thing about bejeweled is that i can play a round or two and walk away (like i do that) and then come back to it later….

      i haven’t heard of Snood!? i’ll have to go check that out somewhere….

  3. I’m confused — not sure how the game works. I know some of my FB friends play, but I never got into those games. I do like word puzzles though, but like you, I refuse to pay to play!

  4. I got Bejeweled Twist for the pc as a Christmas present and ummm…one for my DS as well. Not that I am addicted or anything.

    • ha! no addictions around here either…

      but i can’t stay away from it… sheesh!!

      • Heck yeah you’re an addict! ;-p

        Since I WON’T play the damned, er, darned one-minute freaks me out when the music gets faster, games, I am now stuck on tile matching games like Mahjongg (I paid $20 to get rid of the ads, but it has awesome tiles and colors and variety of set-ups), and my new favorite, Shinsen-sho which is on my Linux OS free.

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