Aug 112011

my eye hurts… dammit… my vision hasn’t changed much in the bastard eye.. but dang it sure hurts… deep down in the socket, around the orbit, behind the brow bone… started yesterday morning… increasing intensity today…

i did my best to ignore it yesterday.. thought maybe i slept on my hand or something – i’ve been known to do that… curl my hand up under my face and end up sleeping with my knuckles embedded in some part of my face… cute right?

i don’t want to think the worst about it… but something tells me it may not bode well

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. oh dear, I hope it goes away! the wobbly symptoms I can handle but the painful ones suck the large one. I feel for you..

  2. Isn’t it wonderful how the dread disease keeps thinking up more joyous (not) symptoms to keep us on our toes. I lose my vision (double vision to the point of non functioning) from time to time, but it is very, very temporary. Hoping yours settles quickly. And I too sleep on my hand.

  3. You are going to go “see”an opthomoligist and get it “looked” at, right?

    “See” you this weekend if you “see” a way to get enough time for a small road trip.

    I Love you, Dad

    • no opthomologist for this girl…. called the neuro… he said to keep an eye on it… funny man…. if my vision starts to change he wants me to come in… says more than likely what i don’t want it to be – optic neuritis… bleh… but as long as i can see we’re good, no changes in treatment… if i start losing some vision i can consider steroids if i want but it generally resolves itself in 12 to 14 weeks…fun … got a white stick with a red tip for me? lol

      i am working in brenham saturday… i was thinking of coming by when i get off…. coach is working all day… scrimmage at 10 then probably film break down after that

      i love you daddy!

  4. Sometimes it is just a normal thing like eye stain yah know? Here is to hoping that is what it is.

    • i was hoping for eye strain… but alas my neuro man say most likely the other thing that i don’t want… but no vision changes that i can tell yet….

  5. Sorry to learn you are having eye problems. Hope it’s just a temporary thing.

  6. Just a side note, I sleep just the way you described. Yes very wonderful in the morning when I have no feeling in my hand and a hand print on my face that takes forever to go away.
    Anyway, I hope your eye feels better…..NOW would be a good time.

    • i’m so glad someone else sleeps that way… i always feel like such a goober when i wake up with finger/knuckle marks all over my face haha not to mention the occasional drool

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