May 222011

>my most viewed post is titled “hovering black clouds”… i wrote it in June 2010, about 2 months before the MS beast began rearing it’s head in a way that i could no longer ignore…. funny

i have had the hovering black clouds many times throughout my adult life…. and i never really knew why… now i do….

i believe we all have a basic protective instinct…that’s what i think my black clouds are… my body trying to tell me something is not right…. but getting people to understand what you are talking about and to actually put any credence into the feeling is near impossible… insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, family, friends… they don’t support hovering black clouds….

the body and mind are wondrous things… the primary job is to keep the self safe… when i was in nursing school and learned about how the body does things to protect, i was amazed… how it knows to shut down certain body functions or organs in order to preserve the more vital organs, or the brain…. and how the brain knows when we won’t be able to handle something tragic or traumatic, it just buries the event…. truly amazing

if you have them don’t ignore them! please don’t ignore them….

when they come, they don’t always stay.. the warning of impending doom goes away with time after being ignored or chucked for a while…. pay attention to them….

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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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