Mar 222012

ok… so look…. everyone tells me “get draw something” “play draw something”…. so…. i download the game… i’ve drawn 4 things and sent to 4 people…. and do you think anyone is responding to me? hell no…. bastards 🙂

i can see where this will be a fun game… but you know… someone has to play it WITH me….

coach likes to watch himself in the mirror… like flexing and stuff… i bet you would never have thought that about him… but he does… i swear… and he does the flexing of his boobs… alternating… and he really likes that…. he gets almost offended if i don’t notice that he’s doing it… but what do you say to that? i’m not sure what a good response is… i’ve become desensitized to his flexing because he does it so much ha! (i’m just baggin on him a bit because i can)

the semi pro team is playing this weekend… it’s been about 2 or 3 weeks since our last game… long stretch

mom2 has gone back to school! i’m so proud of her… i think it’s freakin awesome when you have a chance to do something like that later in life… you know, there are all these “rules” about how life is supposed to go….

  • graduate high school
  • go to college
  • graduate college
  • get married
  • buy a house
  • make babies

but who says that it must be that way? who made those “rules”? personally, i think they are ridiculous…. completely. and when you live your life by a stringent set of rules you can become so wrapped up in the game of it all that you end up miserable if you “fail”…. be a rebel! change the rules…. break out…. think outside the box… dare to be different! life is too short to be stressed out and dealing with crap all the time… when things get like that it’s hard to relax and see the fun, pretty, and greatness that surrounds us all….

mom2, i’m so incredibly proud of you! you grabbed the opportunity to find out what is you really want to be when you grow up, even though you’re sorta already grown up…. but anyway, you grabbed it and you’re doing it! so so proud!

i have so many irons in the proverbial fire that i don’t know what i want to do first…. so many thoughts and ideas and silly notions… and they are all so interesting and intriguing to me…. and each one is calling my name begging for my attention… how did that happen? how did it come to pass that there are more things that i want to do than i can find the time to do? my life has never been like that – ever.

we have a gazillion of these blasted flying alien bugs right now… i think they came to us by way of some methyl ethyl nuclear bromide glow-in-the-dark energy plant dumping ground… i’m not kidding! these boogers are freakin humongous! i think they are the new 2012 series mosquito hawk…. i think… of course, they could be the spawn of some vampire shenanigan prank… the really sad thing? they will all die before the mosquitoes come out to play…. the timing is just really way off

i love listening to the monks sing….

and did you know the benedictine monks sing gregorian style pop music as well?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  12 Responses to “baggin on coach and listening to the monks”

  1. When he starts flexing his man boobs, you start flexing yous. 😉

  2. Hi honey! Omg, I almost fell over laughing about coach!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!! How hilarious!!!!!! Men are such goons, truly, cracks me up all the time! There is a new kids adventure movie I took my wee ones to and “the rock” was doing just that flexing his boobies. I can’t remember the rest of what I just read but I know this post was good because it made me smile. Love you for this blog,
    have a beautiful weekend dear friend.

    • hahaha coach is such a treat… he really is… we entertain each other (and thankfully he doesn’t get upset when i tell his tales) lol

  3. Ok I will admit I have a few Gregorian chant CD’s shhhhh ….
    Flex away coach!

    there were rules? man no wonder I wonder around lost all the time ….

  4. You, my dear have officially fallen out of your rocker and bumped your head. Coach would NEVER do such a thing, you’re dreaming it. And listening to some chanting Monks? WTH?

    • hahaha well then i guess maybe i’ll have to convince coach to let me do a little video of him bouncing his boobs or better yet… i’ll catch him and get a candid video 🙂

      monks… love the monks… i chant/meditate daily… huge help with keeping myself centered… been doing it for years and years… and the great thing is that it really helps me keep the pain under control & provides some perspective on this ugly beast living within my head ….

      oh, and i say the rosary lots too… the catholic version of chanting, makes mom happy

  5. Oh man, oh boy, oh Lordy. You just have no idea how this post spoke to me today. Holy crow. Thank you girlfriend.

    • i’m so glad! i was rambling on and thinking of conversations i’ve had with several folks over the past few weeks… living by the “rules” has been on my mind a lot lately

  6. Nice vids. I like chanting too – great tangling music. About those pecs of the Coach; the next time you see him admiring his alternating pec move, ask him if he would teach YOU how to do that. I’m sure he’d love to try!

    Then you could surprise him with a couple of tassels one day. heehee

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