Sep 052009

it’s been a while since i’ve written anything here. life gets kind of crazy sometimes and it becomes difficult to keep up with the things i do.

well, the grandbaby has arrive! Baby A is here…. she is beautiful and healthy

she was born on tuesday september 1st at 9:39 in the morning…she weighs 7.5 lbs and is 18.7 inches long. she has the longest fingers and toes ever! i think she gets that from my side of the family. and she looks just like the twins! when they get older they will look like triplets i’m sure!

football is underway. i don’t see Coach as much right now. they work late all week and then on saturdays they work 10 hour days. i miss him when it’s football season, but i am so proud of him! it’s fun to watch them progress through the season as a team…and Coach is so happy when he’s coaching. i can’t imagine him doing anything else.

my job is good. i’m working mostly in emergency management these days, with one day a week spent dispatching. i enjoy the diversity very much. it’s keeping things interesting and challenging for me.

ok it’s time to get dressed for work. i haven’t been in a few days. i took off for the birth of addison and then yesterday i was sooo sick! stomach bug i think. still not 100% today but at least i’m able to keep some food down…it’s a start!

  •  September 5, 2009
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