Feb 162013

Saturday morning – sitting in the coach’s office while baseball practice/scrimmage is going on outside. I will join them soon… well, as soon as the dirty clothes are once again clean & fresh, folded and stashed back in the car. It’s a nice little perk to do laundry this way. It costs me $3 a load otherwise. That gets expensive over a month… I figure about 4 loads/week x 52 weeks then divided by 12 months = $52/month for clean clothes. Holy shit. When I wash at the school, in a very magical sprinkle the fairy dust kind of way, 4 loads becomes 2 loads. Okay, so it’s not really divine or magic or special fairy dust power… it’s super-duper industrial sized washers & dryers that make it possible. But that doesn’t sound near as fun or intriguing as magical divine fairy intervention….

It’s now night time… I closed down the ‘puter after the laundry was all folded and stashed.

I managed to get out to the field for the last 20 or so minutes of the scrimmage/practice this morning. Bless their little hearts…. the pitcher on Coach’s team was having a rough go of it. I suggested he run out there and pat the lad on his ass…. it works in the big leagues so I figured it was worth a shot. Coach snickered and directed one of the other players to trot on out there and pat pitcher boy’s ass. It didn’t happen. I really thought it was a good idea. I see it on TV all the time… pitcher not doing so good… coach & catcher run out to the mound, pat his ass and things seem to go better. Balls manage to make their way into the strike zone…

Well, I’ve got 80 hours of work under my belt… only 35,360 more hours to go til retirement! Progress is being made ha!

The hospital complex I work at has several buildings… a main hospital, women’s hospital, inpatient behavioral hospital, inpatient rehab facility, cancer hospital, and many more. The buildings are situated at a major intersection and take up several acres on both sides of the streets. It started as just the main hospital and over the past several years there has been a huge amount of expansion. Part of the growth included making the main hospital bigger. Currently, it is a 4 story hospital with 3 towers… and the layout is incredibly complex and confusing. Even with a site map & floor plan, it’s very easy to get twisted around when trying to wind through the facility. Case in point – the elevator system. There are several elevators throughout the building. Some of them go to the 2nd floor while others go to the 4th floor. Then there are some that go to the 2nd floor, and when you get off & walk down the hall, you catch another elevator that takes you up to another part of the 4th floor.

My work dictates that I am very familiar with the facilities and their layouts. I need to know where all the components of the infrastructure are located… alarms, extinguishers, exits, stairways, storage closets, gas containers, etc. Friday morning I decided to tackle the main hospital. I walked from my office (located in a different building) to the main hospital… just under ½ mile or so… first I stopped off to check the decon trailer to make sure things were cool and copasetic in there…. I entered the hospital through the emergency department and started walking the first floor. I made several laps, much to the concern of several staff members and security guys. Once I worked up a good sweat, I selected an elevator and went up to the 2nd floor… I walked several laps again, and again raised some eyebrows. I did this same routine for the remaining 2 floors. I was twisted, turned, and pretty much confused… too many times I ended up at my starting point, which is not what I wanted to do. Needless to say, Monday will be a repeat. Hopefully, I will get it down so I can move on to another facility. Wash, rinse, repeat…

I’m grateful for the ID badge with my picture on it… it’s an awful picture but at least when I got pulled over on the 3rd floor by a guy who was really happy to be a security guard, I had my ID to prove I was legit… no jail for this chick!


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “Ass Pats and Twisted Hallways”

  1. The guy was really happy to be a security guard. LOL
    Being cute, jail is not the place to be.

  2. Love the Randy/Sherri conversation — talk about double entendres!! I’m so happy that your job is going so well!! Do you find that working depletes your energy supply or revs it up? Good luck as you move into all new areas.

    • LOL Muff… Randy & I have a way of going back & forth… it’s sort of the foundation of our marriage I think… pick pick pick ha!

      Work is wonderful. Physically I get worn down and tired but mentally I feel rejuvenated. Thankfully, I have a great office that I where I can close the door and relax if needed. It’s nice & cold and stress free in there… that helps a lot

  3. Congratulations on your new job. Late to the party I know, but congratulations just the same.

    • Thank you! And you aren’t late… you are a busy woman with a lot on your plate right now… I hope things are going alright over there. I’ve been keeping you guys in close in my thoughts.

  4. I’m only patting your butt….

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