Dec 202011

everyday is something new, or something discovered… maybe it’s not new – maybe it’s been such a slow gradual thing that it went unnoticed….

yesterday i was pouring myself a cup o java… coffee cup in left hand, pot in right hand… the beast decided that mid-pour was a good time to jerk my right arm around a bit… and the result? steaming hot java all over my left hand…

except it didn’t feel hot… maybe a bit luke warm… that was all…

thankfully, i saw it as it happened… i was actually paying attention to what i was doing while i was doing it

and thankfully i was standing right next to the sink… which only has cold running water… the district doesn’t believe in hot running water i don’t think….

so i immediately put my hand under the cold running water hoping to stop any flesh from burning that i couldn’t feel…. i have a few little red marks but nothing serious…

scary though… pain is a good thing… it let’s us know when we need to stop doing something – danger!   and without that pain sensation… well, i can see a future of mishaps…eek!

i’ve been playing around with some photos that i took using my cell phone… my friend has been using her influence to get me on the more technical side of things but alas, i’m more artsy fartsy – we mesh well i think… we have opposite ideas about things but that balances our ideas and thoughts well… she is a great photog and extremely smart about all the techie stuff and i’m learning a great deal from her… i don’t think she  really believes me, but i am paying attention and using what she tells me… and then modifying it to make it all artsy fartsy….. gotta give her something to bag on me about ha ( and it’s all in good fun.. that’s what makes it all so great!)

so anyway, here’s a few of the things i did last night and this morning… nothing special or spectacular… but maybe a surprise or two in there somewhere

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  9 Responses to “artsy fartsy”

  1. Love those photos. The golden light streaming through is a joy.

    Re the beast: A year ago I was in hospital, as a day patient having chemo to reduce my symptoms (which worked really well for a little while). The nurses put a warm wet towel on my wrist to bring up the vein to make inserting drugs easier. It was a bit hotter than I liked – but everything is hotter than I like, so I left it there. When they removed it they discovered it was in fact a HOT wet towel and I had a large blister. Pain is indeed our friend. I had known I have reduced sensitivity in my feet, but didn’t know it had spread to my arms.

    • sorta leaves me uneasy to realize that i’m not feeling things as i should… and it’s so gradual that i didn’t even notice the change… eh guess that’s how it goes….

      i can’t believe the nurse put a towel hot enough to cause blisters on your skin!!!

      • The poor nurse was running from patient to patient. For hygiene reasons she was required to use tongs on the towel which I guess is how it happened. She didn’t touch it so didn’t know it was so hot, and I couldn’t feel it. As a result their procedures have now changed. It was a bloody big blister too. And, as I said, I had no idea that I have reduced sensitivity in my hands and arms. I think it is really sucky that a person can have pain and reduced sensitivity simultaneously.

  2. We just never know when the beast will rear. Glad it’s only a few marks.
    I like your ArtieFart. The dead leaves an eyeballs made me smile 😉

  3. I realize that pain is a good thing but it hurts….glad you were ok though. I like these pics….the light does stream through the trees

    • the light was so pretty coming through the trees this morning… after several days of rain and gloom is quite beautiful

      i hate pain, but i suppose i’m thankful that i can feel it sort of … ugh

  4. I like artsy fartsy, being an art fart myself…hahaha. Some interesting effects with that phone! Love the eyeballs!

    • some of it was phone and some of it was that picnik photo editing stuff on google… i have fun trying all the different effects and the eyeballs are just twisted enough to suit me ha!

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