Aug 022012

One of my favorite eateries is Chili’s… oh…oh… so good. Last night that’s where went. I love me some oldtimer with cheese and that queso – chili & cheese all mixed together and cooked up in a little skillet. Oh!

Coach & I placed our order and were sitting at our little table for two (Coach looks like a giant at those little tables) when all of the sudden… the most foul odor ever wafted across the little openings in my nose… ew! I was almost afraid to open my mouth… the aroma was so thick I was afraid I might be able to taste it. I glanced around looking for the restrooms. I thought maybe we were sitting in that general area, but nope. They were clear on the other side of the dining room.

Coach checked out the table behind us… it was a boy who was F.A.R.T.I.N.G.! The entire time I was trying to eat. Fart. Smile. Fart. Smile. Little shit… I bet he has skid marks in his drawers. (I still managed to wolf down my food though… imagine that)

I abhor the process of changing banks and getting all the shit transferred. It never goes smoothly. Ever. Trying to verify accounts with those I owe money to is a pain in the arse. And payments get delayed & then I look like a total slug. Seems to me it should go like this

  1. Approach bank
  2. Hand over money
  3. Get account number
  4. Access money
  5. All done

But this is never how it works. Then, it takes like 17 years to get your new checks and debit/credit/ATM cards in the mail. If those items would come a bit faster paying the vultures would be oh so much easier.

The nice folks at the park did me a huge favor this morning. I didn’t even ask for it either. I like those favors. The ones that come as a nice surprise. I heard a lawnmower going out there this morning & when I looked out, what did I see? They were mowing my yard… with an actual LAWNMOWER! This means we don’t have to weed whack the entire thing! Oh the joy! You see, last week Coach did the work… he weed whacked around the septic, the little side section, his legs, the little front section, the back section, his legs, and the front other section. His socks were a mess… not only are there grass stains, but one sock is no longer red. It has been dyed red… well sort of a reddish brown now. Bless his heart.

I made another sugar skull this morning. This time I did a digital skull using GIMP…

Pretty Cool!

And now I must bid you adieu… it’s time to prepare things for lunch, shower, & then maybe a little sketching with real pencils.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Hi, Love the skull, not scary but very nice indeed! Just love those random act’s of kindness! have a great weekend

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