Aug 042010

So football is here…. practice is in full swing now. I tease my Coach and tell him “see you in December!” LOL


Truthfully, I am glad that it is here again.

I have never liked football.

In fact, I rebelled against for all my life. It was shoved down my throat from many places…my family was huge into college and pro football. And as the only girl in the family, I simply went against the grain. There were so many other things that were important to me…and I didn’t get an opportunity to participate in some things because “there’s a game that day” … so I grew up despising football in general.

As an adult, I just ignored football.

I heard names of players, meant nothing to me. I met players and didn’t know who they were. I remember some of my friends and family being simply amazed that I was talk to so & so and had no idea who they were. “Didn’t you get an autograph?!” Nope….

Fast-forward …. I’m now with a Coach…he is my witness and my life partner. In the beginning, I wasn’t so sure how much I would want to be involved in his job. I knew nothing about how the game was played but figured out real quickly that I was going to need to learn if I wanted to have a conversation with him…. “how was your day honey?” “they just aren’t hitting the gaps”…. um…. what? LOL

This is going to be my third season with Coach and I’m actually …. wait for it…. looking forward to the season! I NEVER thought those words would come out of my mouth (or fingers since I’m typing 😉 ) But truly, I am excited! It’s such fun to watch the coaching staff build a team, watch them start out new and mature, grow, and excel as a team.

We have a good schedule this year. The scrimmage games are closer to home (thank goodness) and I think the kids are ready… they seem pumped up and ready to play!

  •  August 4, 2010
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