Apr 082011
wish i could manage to get the lighting even when i take these pictures… gotta get the scanner going….
  • so the homeless guy’s apple was still on the guardrail post this afternoon…
  • hope he’s alright
  • the ants are gonna be on that apple soon
  • still a bit wonky today
  • this whole body restless thing is for the birds…
  • wonder if a massage would help
  • or a chiropractor
  • maybe the headaches are a result of the spasms?
  • thinking out loud here
  • each day i get my work station a bit more set up
  • dug out my speakers and got them hooked up to the ol laptop
  • watch out!! this trailer’s gonna be rocking (from the music)
  • if you hear the music, it’s safe to come in and ignore the rockin
  • no music, you may want to come back later… just sayin
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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