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One more repost of something I must remind myself of every now and again….

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i think it’s time for me to work on my awareness levels. i believe firmly in living in the here and now. being fully aware of every moment is crucial…it’s the only moment there is. the past moments are gone and no longer relevant and the coming moments, well they may never come. so this moment is it. make the most of it…be fully aware of everything in that moment. calm the mind, calm the heart, calm the mouth…..absorb the moment.

the mind is hard to calm. there are so many useless thoughts that roll around in there. calming the mind comes down to lots of practice and hard work. i read once that thoughts should be like clouds. i know they are there, i acknowledge they are there, but don’t dwell on them…let them drift through. when i spend my time dwelling on a particular thought of no consequence, just think of how many wasted moments go by. when i examine my thoughts, i realize that most of them are about things in the past, or things that may happen in the future. this brings me back to the original idea….be here now!

calming the heart…this one is much easier to do once you have the mind taken care of. the heart refers to emotions. and technically, emotions come from the mind, not the heart. lust, anger, greed, jealousy, desire – all byproducts of useless thoughts. let those clouds drift on through. i mentioned earlier that thoughts tend to be of the past or future. in relationships, the thoughts of past relationships, comparisons, judging based on past events…these can destroy relationships now.

calming the mouth seems to be a hard one for most people i have been around. the past few days i have being paying attention to how many useless words are thrown out there to pollute the air around me. bragging, touting, building oneself up, gossip…all these conversations have served no use other than to hurt others. it has been said that a good practice is to speak only if the words are relevant, useful, important, meaningful. i think of one person in particular that i listened to a lot this weekend. he spent many hours standing beside me telling me of all his accomplishments, sharing his vast knowledge of everything with me….he has done everything, seen everything, and he knows everything. had it not been such a turn off to listen to this guy inflate his own ego trying to impress his listeners, i may have actually had an opportunity to learn something from him. but his unsolicited and completely overinflated self-admiration made me tune him out almost completely. what a waste of my moments, and his.

i do not want to be like this man! i am going to practice only speaking with it is useful. now it doesn’t mean that all my shared words have to be full of enlightenment and wisdom. it does mean that my words will not harm others, will not be gossipy, will not be useless. my humor, wit and sarcasm will still be present, i am most confident of that. it’s just that i will not try so hard to sell myself to others, talk about others, will not interrupt others, and will be hopefully useful to the moment.

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