Jan 132012

and you believed that post title? phooey…..  but i’m glad you’re here

  • while cell phones are great… there are just some times that they need to be turned off
  • it takes a pretty large ego for a person to feel they need to be in constant contact, or available always….
  • well, okay… unless a doctor on call or something like that… firefighters, etc.
  • but that’s actually are pretty small portion of the population
  • i cannot imagine the grief and sorrow the Holloway family  has endured… only to have it culminate in a death declaration so many years later
  • very sad…
  • some people take movie plots a bit to seriously… these will have to pay for it
  • people sometimes can really fool us…. just when you think you know someone, POOF!
  • and isn’t it odd that those who we trust the most are generally the ones who do the most damage to our hearts & souls?
  • guess it’s not really… what’s that old saying? we hurt the ones closest to us
  • on facebook last night, a friend reminded me of a favorite line… so naturally i’m gonna share it
  • “It’s only in the mysterious equation of love that any logical reasons can be found. “
  • love the movie, love the story… the man is incredibly inspiring
  • i hope to one day sit and read all i can about him… intriguing
  • i wasn’t going to comment on the marine thing….. but here i am …. all i want to say is that they don’t deserve to be ruined for what they did…yes it was wrong, yes it was disrespectful… but take in to account all they have lived through… they hate the enemy…
  • as things are looking now, this will be the one i support
  • and if he doesn’t make the cut? let’s just say i won’t be supporting the current administration
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “another mind blowing list of junk”

  1. I love when you write these kinds of posts. SO much good information. The math guy is inspiring.

  2. It is nice to be reading your blog again… I took a break due to my big move… but I’m back and I look forward to reading your wonderful posts. I have a lot to catch up on.

  3. Sherry,
    I love the ‘easy read’ of your posts. I have to say you’d laugh at me. I’m almost too old to be a GenXer but I know I truly am. I’m into texting during church and I occasionally even forget to turn the sound off. I hate reading sad stories like the Holloway family, and I’m eternally grateful that the worst thing I need to worry about is my life with MS, and like you I have feel joy in spite of it (and I really don’t worry)!!.

  4. Ok, we are trying out the monster machine again :). Good post full of stuff I could comment on but I won’t on some things LOL. Hey me black sheep too! No one has let me down today cept the computer bra hah ahahhah

  5. My heart goes out to the Holloway family. Awful. And I doubt very much they will get closure from it.

  6. I don’t want to just say “great post” cos that’s lame. And not very insightful. Or helpful.

    Most of the times I don’t think we really know anyone. I know oftentimes I am misunderstood (I’m the very, very black sheep of the family) but little do they know I’m more like them than not. LOL.

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