Jul 192010

Ok, I don’t do this often…but right now I feel a need to put this out here….

Coach has an older model motorcycle that he just loves. Because it’s an older bike, it goes through periods of needing to be refurbished…new parts and such. And because it’s an older bike, it can be difficult to find said parts.

One day Coach was very excited… he had found a business on the internet that had exactly the parts he needed and so he placed an order. That was on May 28, 2010. While placing the order, he gave them our credit card number for payment and he received an email confirmation of the order…
Old Bike Barn

So a few weeks goes by with no sign of any shipment. Getting concerned, he attempted to call the business on the phone, no answer – left a message. A few days go by and he finally gets a voice mail back from them… we could barely understand what was said because there was so much static and crap covering the voice – but we think the voice was telling us that the parts he ordered were on backorder and they would ship as soon as they got them back in stock. (remember this is an old bike, not popular).

Fast forward to July. Still no parts, no communication from the business. So he sends an email with all the confirmation information and the order number. Two days go by, and today he receives an email saying the order was never processed, would not be processed and that we hadn’t been charged. Seems they don’t carry the parts he ordered any longer…  WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IF YOU LET US KNOW THAT SOONER OLD BIKE BARN! Maybe we could’ve continued shopping and looking for the parts…and these are critical parts, not just stuff.

Anyway, I’m all better now! Thanks for listening!

  •  July 19, 2010
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