Jun 302013

When a person is out to dinner and the very young kid has tagged along, i think it would be kind to escort that kid out of the joint when he/she continually screams at ungawdly decibels. My ears are bleeding.

I went to work for a while this morning. Im not a workaholic…. I want to have Friday off. I forced Coach to go with me (his arm is still red from all the twisting). We have a mini fridge I want in my office so Coach drove his truck and delivered the fridge. Yay! And i was able to get some more organizing and cleanup done in my office. That has turned out to be a huge and long process…

I bought cookies today when we went grocery shopping. This is not normal… . I try to avoid having the wonderfully delicious crap food around because I have NO self control. At all. Coach grabbed them to put in his truck so I couldn’t eat them on the way home. How rude!

Still no internet at home. I really hate having to use iHal so much for typing things out. Ugh! We broke down yesterday, called Sprint and added internet service back to our account. The hotspot will be here tomorrow.

Until then…..

I have been fascinated by lights lately…



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Gorgeous light photos. Magical. The second one is soooo mysterious looking.

    • The first one is an over table light at Denny’s… it had such pretty orange hues…
      The second one is a blown glass chandelier that hangs in the conference center at work. There are several of them actually. They are gorgeous!

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