Aug 042011

the other day coach and i were talking about ways to keep cool… the tin can really warms up…. and it doesn’t really cool down until about 6AM… and by that time of the morning, it’s already beginning to warm up outside… so naturally the tin can does too…

i don’t have a thermometer inside the house… which is most likely a good thing… would probably by a really mind fu#& to know just how hot it is in here ha!

anywho…. what we were thinking was that water… water on the tin can… hose it down… maybe that would help cool it off a bit…. neutralize the heat that is just sitting in the metal, fiberglass, wood, glass….

so tonight as i was sitting outside watering my yard o weeds, queen beulah at my side… i pointed the hose upwards… into the sky… onto the top of the tin can….. and the by-product was this glorious cool mist! oh my! it was wonderful… and i just kept spraying the water up into the air….

( i’m probably going to get arrested for admitting to this on the interwebs…. off the water schedule sherri)  

queen beulah went to hide because she just doesn’t see the value in the cool mist….

coach came out…”what the hell?”

i replied “i was only thinking of you sweet man… i was afraid you would forget what the sound of rain falling was”

he went back in without a word… speechless 🙂 i like that i can do that

now i’m back in… i don’t think it worked… it’s still pretty warm in here…. but it was fun and that’s what matters right now ha!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  4 Responses to “an attempt to cool down the tin can”

  1. She is at it again…….

  2. A fine attempt anyway! And, the mist sounds lovely.

    I feel bad for the MS folks in the hot parts of the country — I know how visiting my parents when it’s regularly upper 90s / 100 hits me. We hit 80 the other day — ok, let the mocking about weenie PNW folk commence.

  3. I have been turning the sprinkler on the front entryway of the house and letting it shoot the roof and front of the house for a little bit right when I get home in the afternoon each day after work, and it makes a world of difference in the temp for us. Sort of lets the a/c unit catch up a little. I dont’ run it long though, because I could give a hell if the grass dies and I dont want to waste too much water. But man does it ever feel good while it’s on……

  4. We have had water restrictions here for years now. No longer can you have sprinklers, and I feel so sorry for the children who will never know the joy of running through the sprinkler – as we did. And yes, that cool mist is a joy and a delight.

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