Mar 042012

i had a crash today…. ouch

head on collision with a wall of fatigue… holy shit

i can’t remember ever being so freakin tired…. it hit me as we were heading to the grocery store to pick up some things for dinner…. bam!

from that point forward i wasn’t able to do a ding dang thing….

the day was good prior to that though…. i bought some art supplies the other day… things i just learned of and have never used… reading about them though – i wanted to try them out

walnut ink, embossing powder…. things like that…

i love the walnut ink… and the acrylic ink… love love love….

so before the crash i was playing around… nothing particular in mind…. spread out some gesso on a page and left it textured with grooves and bumps… then i sprayed it with green and terra cotta walnut ink….

looked neat… but i thought it would look even better to add some black ink… so i picked up my trusty doodle pen…. and here is what i have….

my ms - an abstract


definitely an abstract…. and when i look at it i see my struggle with MS…. see me up there in the upper left corner? the rest of the chaos is MS…. that is what my body feels like all the time….

wow… who’da thunk that this art “therapy” crap works….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  11 Responses to “an abstract by accident”

  1. Love the picture… I hope that your day was better today. 

  2. Yuk on hitting the wall. I must admit when the first line was crash head on thing i was like oh no a car wreck! LOL good attention grabber. Sorry you hit the fatigue wall. Love the drawing and yeah  is see you up there in the corner.

  3. Love the art and all its hidden meanings. Sorry you hit that wall — it’s an MS nemesis that is never truly conquered.

  4. That so tired I feel sick feeling which comes out of nowhere with the impact of a truck.  Yup, I know that one.  Dammit.

    I love your ‘struggle with MS’.  You are so talented.

    •  thank you! self-discovery… amazing….

      and oh how i despise the fatigue… i feel as though i struggle to save my energy for work which leaves me no energy to enjoy the personal time…. sucky

  5. Fatigue that hits like that. ug.  I hope you are able to take some time to rest.  Sleep is so lovely. 

  6. Wow, it’s great. The more I look, the more I see. There is movement and depth. Quite extraordinary.

    •  i keep looking and finding different things… and i have prepped two more pages… this abstract stuff is something else… i never thought it would allow my thoughts-emotion-feelings to come to the surface without trying to arrange it that way…

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