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it’s a shame really…. why MUST folks have their fights at a decibel level that exceeds that of a sonic boom? it’s really not necessary for all those around to know that there is dissension in the ranks…. and personally, i don’t want to know…. saddens me.. makes me feel bad… most especially when there are 2 little children right there watching, listening… can’t you stop and think about what this is doing to their little minds & hearts? you need to know that in 5 years, or 10 or 20… this episode will be with them, helping them make decisions about how to handle a situation or a relationship…. screaming and yelling all the while packing your car… placing your stuff, and the children’s stuff in the car… daddy is helpless…. mommy is in charge and to the outside world, quite frankly, she looks like a raving lunatic!

grown ups fight… people in relationships fight… the one i’m currently observing has been going on for many weeks….

we live in an RV park… that’s been said here before…. close quarters… and overall, a nice community. we like all of our neighbors, we like the park…. lots of amenities!  but every now and again a family  moves in that has really screwed up dynamics! the family i’m speaking of is one of those  …. the family that everyone sort of avoids but they keep showing up in the evening hours when everyone is outside enjoying the air, reading a book, visiting….

i don’t know them… i have been successful in my avoidance…but i have heard others talking that do know them… seems they  moved here temporarily from utah… the husband got a job working on a network for a big company… wife is sahm with 2 little girls…. husband is a cheater…. or was a cheater…. got busted… and now wife doesn’t trust him….

and this fight tells me he got busted once again… she’s had it… she’s packing it in…. those poor little girls….

what is it about some people who just can’t keep a promise… a vow… a commitment? and if you can’t, or if you think you want out, then why not do that BEFORE THE CHEATING? i will never understand….



  •  March 9, 2011
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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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