Jan 082014

I now have proof in the pudding… the Obamacare pudding that is.

A person who (shall remain nameless) who is very near and dear to me has been forced to look at signing up for Obamacare at the wonderful health dot gov website. This person’s spouse lost a job and therefore, insurance coverage for the family.

There are 2 plans they qualify for.

Plan #1 – $200 a month, $6000 deductible.

Plan #2 – $600 a month, $1500 deductible.

No co-pays. They would have to pay 100% of all medical care including prescriptions until the deductible is met. How in God’s name is that affordable? When their income has just been reduced by more than ½ they are expected to pay this much money? Shit, COBRA is cheaper and better coverage than that.

The alternative of going without insurance until the spouse is in a new job is a much better option. The penalty for the first year is 1% of their gross annual income…. As for prescriptions, the HEB medication plan is the way to go. Each of their prescriptions without insurance are $5.00. That’s cheaper than the co-pay when they were insured ($10). The only downside would be a major accident or illness, which would be handled with a payment plan by any healthcare provider.

I just don’t understand how so many people have so much faith in AHA when it’s now become even more obvious to me that it’s a complete rip off. All the propaganda about every American having insurance… affordable insurance… I’d like to know how the homeless guy is going to pay $200 a month for coverage not to mention full price for healthcare until the deductible is met. How in the world can a young family just starting out afford it? It’s insane.

And then we find out that the website is determining if a person gets affordable healthcare insurance or Medicaid. The person who is signing up doesn’t make the decision. The article about Rand Paul’s son being enrolled in Medicaid… ugh.

Maybe that’s what makes it affordable? Just throw everyone into the Medicaid system?

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Our healthcare (self through domestic partners work) as almost quadrupled in the last few years per month. Our coverage is now percent of pay with 4500.00 deductible we now have to pay 20-50% of all tests. Our per visit co pays went up to 35, 45, 80 dollars depending on what type of doctor. Not many extras like braces etc are covered. Also super great that the asset and property limits will go away for most new applicants for medical cal (they pick up the extra costs that insurance does not cover if I went on medicare and purchased the extra option plan) oh yeah EXCEPT for elderly and disabled to name of few exceptions. So those who never paid into the system can own more valuable and number of vehicles and property than those who draw from the social security disability system they paid into – Go figure.

    i have not refused a few medical tests just because I can not afford the cost! Umm I am with you affordable??? Here in calif the homeless guy would get the uncovered portion covered by Medi cal – if he is not on disability or over 65 or . ….

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