Nov 292012

….this afternoon. I managed a 20 minute cleaning jag before my hands clamped down in fits of rage. Man, is that painful or what? I had a sponge loaded with Pine Sol in my hand when the clamping began. It was hard to dig the thing out of my own grasp. Eventually, I managed. Thank goodness it wasn’t toilet water on that sponge! And the bathroom is clean & smelling Pine Solly fresh… I love that stuff.

The hacking and spewing that has plagued me for the past week is maybe, just maybe, starting to get a little bit better today. Instead of coughing non-stop, today it is coming in sort of waves… the tide comes in, I cough til I think I’m going to die, and then the tide goes back out. Last night I woke to a coughing spell unlike any other I’ve had ever. I truly thought I wasn’t ever going to stop, much less breathe again. I managed to haul my ass out of bed and step onto the porch… it was a cool(ish) night. Once I was able to cool down a bit, the spell was broken. Thank goodness. The lack of oxygen to my brain wasn’t doing me any good at all!

It’s been rather cloudy all day today. I like these sorts of days. Not hot, not cold. And no sun to blind me & heat me up. If only a bit of rain would fall out of those lovely clouds things would be even better. The poor weeds that inhabit my “yard” are yearning for a bath. I water every other day (don’t want to get in trouble by the water police) but that doesn’t seem to be satisfying the weeds… they are brown and angry.

I normally don’t watch TV during the day. Today was an exception. There were a few movies on that I enjoyed. The first was A Summer in Genoa with Colin Firth. I like him. It was a good, but sad movie. A father moves with his two daughters to Italy following the death of their mother in a car crash. It was a sort of coming to terms and learning to live again movie. The second movie I watched was…. pft…. I’ve already forgotten. It was a good movie too. I can’t believe I’ve already forgotten! Dammit.

My finger sticks continue to be quite good… I think I might have a handle on the blood sugar stuff. The low carb, no sugar eating plan is working well with managing the BS, with the added benefit of weight loss. On November 19th I weighed in at 212. What a cow! This morning… oh what a glorious sight it was when I perched on that scale (I hate the scale)… I’m weighing in at 198 and while that is still too much, it’s a good start on the road to becoming a non-slug. I had to step on a few times throughout the morning to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. I wasn’t. 198. All day long. 198. Now, I’ve only got about 40 more pounds to go to my best weight. Not too thin, not too chunky. That weight where I feel best about myself. I sure hope I can see that weight again.

A few of the old folks have stopped by when I’ve been sitting on the patio. They introduce themselves and visit a minute before continuing along on the walk/bike ride/golf cart buzz around. It’s been nice to meet them, although I don’t remember their names, mostly. There are few self-proclaimed “cranky” people around here, but that’s to be expected anywhere. For the most part, so far, everyone seems very pleasant. I’m going to have to drink some coffee soon with my back door neighbor to get the gossip. Now that folks are beginning to fill in and activities are up & running, I’m sure the Peyton Place mischief is getting into full swing.

It’s time for the evening news….

P.S. I didn’t win the Powerball lotto crap. It was fun to dream plan though.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Fourteen pounds gone plus a clean bathroom? Sounds like a winner day to me! Congratulations!!!!

  2. Sadly, I am a herd of cows. I have bought an exercise bike to try and shift some of it. Getting onto it is a challenge. Getting off is a challenge. I managed nearly 25 kilometres the day before yesterday. I will persevere.

  3. Oh…I try not to waste my time on cleaning 😉 My 20-30 minutes are much better spent on artsy stuff…and anyway, Pinesol gives me a nasty migraine headache. Did you know that artificial sweeteners are not so good for the MS…or so I’ve been told by my neuro. Sorry you didn’t win the lotto. I didn’t win the HUGE one here either.

    • I try real hard not to clean…but, well… sometimes I have to wipe a rag over things. I’ve read that artificial sweetener isn’t good for us… I’m caught between a rock & a hard place… can’t have sugar, the blue stuff is bad for me… bleh…

  4. It sounds like you’re doing really well with the weight loss. I am more of a cow than you, and considering what to do about that. Perhaps duct tape my head shut?

  5. Congratulations on the BS readings and the weight loss. I need to drop, well, I’d be happy with 40 lbs. gone. But being unable to exercise, I’m in a What’s the use? state of mind. DH is an adamant vegetarian, so a high protein/low carb diet isn’t really an option for me. I’m working on giving up the sugar – using sucralose, and now Stevia, in my coffee. I would think that alone would have dropped a couple of pounds – but, alas, no. P.S. whoever said that Stevia is one of the sweeter natural substances around is just a liar, BTW. (lol)

    • I tried the Stevia… yuck! I ended up going with Equal, the blue stuff. The pink stuff has such a bad after taste to it.

      The only exercise I’m doing is a little bit of that yoga for MS video and old fashioned things like windmills and cherry pickers…. I can’t do more than about 5 minutes though… bleh

      Vegetarian diet would be really hard to avoid carbs… the only advantage to those veggie carbs is that they are offset by the fiber content.

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