Aug 222012

This vessel that I’m currently residing in turns out to be a pretty wondrous thing. I don’t necessarily like my vessel so much… it’s a bit rotund for my liking… but it’s the vessel I was issued so I must deal with it. It boggles the mind when I sit and consider all the functions currently going on… right this second. So much is happening. A well-oiled machine. Sort of. There are particular areas that are disintegrating. I don’t like that much. It’s not like I can go to the store and buy a new wiring harness.

Why not?

Why can’t I get a wiring harness transplant? Or maybe an after-market harness that attaches somehow. Think Cyborg.

Would you do it? Would you go for an after-market wiring harness if it meant that you could keep functioning at a level you are supposed to? If it meant I didn’t fall anymore… that I could walk like a sane person instead of a drunk chicken… that I could process information more clearly… that I could live without numbness/tingling/pain… I would. Most definitely. The thought of not wetting myself anymore is heavenly! The idea that I could go outside and enjoy a nice summer day without becoming all whacky and nauseous… oh my.

I would trick it all out in the aesthetics department though. Have a variety of “skins” to make it funky, pretty, wild, modern… shoot, I would make my own skins!

Science is so busy trying to figure out what CAUSES the immune system to go nutso. There is so much time & money trying to figure out why the body is eating away at itself. And we, as patients, maybe we have become too complacent with the current options available to us – canes, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters… ear horns, hearing aids… glasses… and on & on. Surely there are men/women of science with this blasted affliction (disease is such a harsh word), or maybe some inventors out there… they could be working on this thing from the patient angle instead of the world of medical science angle.

Shoot, for all I know, someone has already tried this junk and failed. If that’s the case, then any ideas would just be filed in drawer 13 and forgotten.

I do believe that research needs to continue on the causes of this shit. I do realize that a cure cannot be developed until the cause is identified. Got it. So in the meantime, why shouldn’t we look for ways to side-step the devastation that is left in the wake of an attack? Somehow that makes much more sense to me than to just accept the new normal and move on.

In my way of thinking – muddled as it is – I think we could be better served if science would focus more on how to fix things up & make them even dandier. We turned to the sci fi stories for things like cell phones… why not for better human functioning? Just think…. bionic man/woman, super-human qualities with the morals, ethics, ideas, emotions remaining intact.

I’m done with my trip out to left field now… thanks for taking the ride with me. I’m home safe & sound.

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “A Trip to Left Field”

  1. I for one would Borg up in a second.
    I complain about the dark, drab colors of medical supplies all the time. They come in such hopeless colors that feed right into depression.
    Complacency itself is an illness.

  2. I would be with you all in a heart beat. A body that doesn’t suddenly refuse to play would be heaven. Sigh.

  3. Rewire me as a Borg? I’d sign up for that in a nano-second, assuming Medicare+Medicaid would pick up the tab. And the DVR would retrain me for the workplace, or give me a grant to return to school. Yep, I’d get rewired if it came with a package deal.

  4. I’m with you all the way on this one! At this point, I don’t care how it would look, but if some device could allow me to do the things I once did, sign me up. One attachment: get the government to pick up the tab!

  5. Yeah I feel your pain sister. You can go to the Doctor and buy new boobs, but no brain. WTH?

    • makes not sense to me…. i mean a nice pair of boobs is great but what happened to basic life necessities? LOL (some may consider a nice pair of boobs a basic life necessity i suppose)

      • ‘some may consider a nice pair of boobs a basic life necessity i suppose’
        I’ve been looking for this comment for the last 10 min because I wanted to say that yes, a nice pair of boobs is a basic life necessity. Do you know what I go through trying to control these girls I have right now? Do I need to go on and on about how my current set has grieved me? They can no longer protect themselves from gravity which means they have become a fall hazard. I can’t fall. It’ll take forever to heal from a fall. My ego would forever be bruised if I fell over my own girl. Right now they can be tossed behind me for lower back support but that doesn’t make up for possibly tripping over them.
        Anyway, if I’m getting borged up then by golly I’m getting new girls too. I bet it’ll be cheaper if I get them done at the same time.

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