Jun 242012

emergency planning fail

so debby is bearing down on the gulf… well not actually bearing down yet but she’s a’comin. amazingly, I have NO emergency preparedness kit… a go kit… how does that happen? and we have no emergency plan.

You can download a template to create an emergency plan if you like:

Family Emergency Plan Family Emergency Plan

all these years I’ve been making sure that others are prepared and it would seem that I’ve forgotten to make sure that I am prepared! dumbass

we are going to pick up the pony next weekend… and to visit with family. we will be leaving this area just about the time debby will be making landfall… that might not be so good. I mean, if she actually comes our direction and we are trying to leave, I see us getting caught up in evacuation chaos. ugh.

where does the money come from?

we’ve spent a bit of time driving around the city the past few days… we didn’t leave the house with that purpose in mind… we’ve had errands to run so that provided the opportunity to sight see a bit. ok, no sight seeing in particular but we did see more of what’s here while driving to whatever destination we were aiming for. we’re learning more about where NOT to go ha!

the homes around here amaze me… there are these huge Mexican mansion type homes with gates and porticos and fountains…. beautiful! I wonder where the money is? no not really. I suspect I know where the money is. either way, beautiful homes.

it ain’t starbucks

I made mocha frappacinos last night. I tried this last summer and it was  a total fail. awful. last night I did better. I got the flavor right! woot! now today I will try again to get the slushie part of it right. we have a hamilton beach slushie machine that we bought just for making our own frappie’s. while it probably does alright for chopped up ice stuff, it’s not quite right for frappie’s. today I’m going to use a traditional, good old fashion blender.

around the tin can

the news anchors in this area are a riot. they have the worst time talking… seriously. word pronunciation, sentence organization, etc. the thing I don’t get is that they are basically reading… no ad libs to speak of but man… there is one chick in particular who can’t talk to save her soul. I have to wonder how in the world she got that job…. I enjoy the weather girl on one of the channels. she is on ALL DAY LONG. she does a great weather report and is pretty spunky for the morning news… by the time the noon time broadcast comes around, she is a bit deflated, and by the 5 o’clock news, she is just haggard. bless her heart.

coach got all excited last night. he was outside grilling our meat. there are trees all around. with fruit. he grabbed a green ball from a tree and cut it open…limes! that just made his day complete. there are mostly orange trees in this park… shoot, in the entire area… orange groves all over the place.

bloggie friends

a bloggie friend and her family are in need of prayers…she has MS and is an amazing woman. and now her family has been hit hard. her husband possibly has cancer. say a prayer if you are the praying type….

another bloggie friend has incredible artwork for sale…. she too, is an amazing woman. she is a survivor. much of her artwork is born from art therapy. she has dolls, paintings, sketches, digital works….


my faith in human kindness and compassion has been renewed yet again. sometimes people do things that just completely amaze me and make me feel all warm & fuzzy. in the past few days, someone did something for me out of sheer kindness… she is someone I know only virtually, not anyone I have met in person. she has her own struggles to deal with daily, yet she thinks of me. thank you friend. your kindness has touched me deeply and in ways I can’t begin to describe.


I’m working on keeping my brain up to snuff lol I have been a part of a writing community for a while but not very active. it’s time once again to kick my ass into gear. the goal is at least 750 words a day. that doesn’t sound like much really. (I’m at 752 words right now)

anyhow, who knows how it will go. I’m sure there will be good posts and not so good posts, but it’s sort of like that already.


I have started up the fundraising efforts again. bleh. I know. anyway, last year I hated asking for donations. so this year I’m doing something a bit different. I’m doing a magazine fundraiser campaign. at least this way, you get something for your money. haha

so if anyone is interested in magazines and would like to help the cause, you can visit my online fundraising store thingy:


p.s. 847 words! woot!

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