Nov 172011
  • let’s say that one morning you wake up and decide you are going to burglarize some storage units
  • and let’s say that during those burglaries you find a gun and take it…
  • it’s loaded…
  • and then let’s say that you decide that was kinda cool so maybe a bigger score could be fun
  • so you head on over to big lots, or some other store, and break in
  • while you’re inside, the cops show up
  • you come running out and think it’s a good thing you stole that loaded pistol from the storage units earlier
  • you point the gun at the cops as you run out of the store
  • at 6AM
  • the store you broke in to
  • the store that is closed
  • you point the gun at the cops
  • and you are shot dead
  • i think it’s to be expected
  • this happened here in austin in october of 2010
  • the officer was cleared by the grand jury who said the shooting was justifiable
  • the kid (16 years old) pointed a gun at the officer
  • and now the family is SUING THE CITY OF AUSTIN for pain and suffering
  • because of course the child was a good one… he was not bad…
  • what the eff ever
  • if someone is committing a crime and during that crime points a gun at a cop…there is a very high probability of getting shot
  • is the cop just supposed to stand there to see what the thug is going to do with that gun?
  • i think that by raising the gun and pointing in the direction of a person is a declaration of intent… to shoot and kill
  • sheesh
  • these law suits are a disturbing pattern here in austin
  • the city just paid the family of the angelic nathaniel sanders $750,00 for pain and suffering (if you go to the link, look in the sidebar for all the articles about this case from the beginning)
  • this is a kid with a LONG criminal history
  • but his family said he was a good kid, and angel
  • my ass
  • he was in a chase with cops
  • they found him and his buddies later in the night
  • with guns in the car
  • he was shot and killed
  • and there is a third lawsuit going on right now
  • bicycle cops were pinned against a wall by a kid driving a car…
  • a car is a deadly weapon
  • if you pin someone to a wall with a car, you could kill them
  • the kid was shot and killed
  • and the family is suing
  • amazing to me
  • i know there are cops out there who are not good
  • but most of them are decent and moral men/women doing a job that most do not want
  • many people can’t stand cops, belittle them, badger them, sue them
  • until they call 9-1-1 and need help
  • then they expect immediate response and a resolution provided by the same cops they hate
  • again, amazing to me

okay, i’m done now… maybe… we’ll see… lol

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. I think that this story is tragic in every way.

    a stupid kid made a mistake and payed with his life, a police officer doing his job had to react to a deadly situation, and a family is mourning the loss of a child and taking it out on all the wrong people…

    It is all very sad.

    I haven’t been by in a while… life has been keeping me running. I need to catch up on your blog and read more about what has been keeping you busy lately.


    • Hey Jenn!

      you are right… it is an awful story from all sides… these parents are suffering, their family/friends are suffering… it has a huge impact on everyone… even those of us not directly involved…

      there are no easy solutions or answers… and the only thing i can come up with, just from my personal observations at work, is that parents need to be parents… so much anymore parents are a friend, not a mom… and in way too many instances the parents are still kids themselves… partying, going out, looking for self-gratification… so much so that they neglect to be a positive role model, disciplinarian, and a loving parent to their child…

      i just saw… EGYPT??!! how exciting!! i hope you guys the glitch fixed so that it all pans out perfectly for you!! man, i’m envious! you will keep posting and sending pictures, right?

      • So true Sherri! Parents do need to be parents.

        We just got the go ahead… We will be going to Egypt in January… Wish me luck!


  2. This afternoon a robber shot and killed a Vallejo cop reports are he is dead. Suspect is being sot sure hope they get um ALIVE it will be cheaper .Then again? DEAD works to.

    • i hope they catch him… and i bet the cops that find him will be ready to do what they have to in order to stay safe… the cops wanna go home at the end of their shift….

  3. That is standard around here also. Commit a crime,have a long rap sheet,get killed by cop or civilian and the relatives show up with a photo of an angelic looking youngster . All of a sudden the criminal was going to be a docter, mechanical engineer, whatever and momma wants her pay for the loss.If mom was on welfare the dead (yeah no TV comeback here) jerks value goes up further as the public sees how great this punk was because the media plays it up for ratings.

    Come to my house , kill me while commiting a crime and I am worth the value of the minrals in my body. If I manage to get a bullet into their brain before expiring my home owners insurance will end up paying the max settlement to the darlings family. Go figure.

    • yeah it makes no sense to me… the one suit that the city paid out on – that family was convinced he’s an angel, a star basketball player, blah blah blah… then why the hell was he out at 3AM running from the cops? if you aren’t a criminal, then you wouldn’t be running… it floored me when the city decided to pay the family… it has done nothing but set a precedent for future law suits – as we are seeing with these 2 new cases… unbelievable

  4. And here too. Total agreement I mean. Sad that the parents/family/whatever cannot admit that their little treasure might (just might) have played a contributory role.

    Like the idiots who broke into a zoo late one night and went swimming with the polar bears. They were killed and at least partially eaten. The bit that continues to peeve me (make me ballistic with rage) is that the bears were then shot and killed. Grrrrr

    • all parents want to believe their child is golden… and many parents turn a blind eye to the crap that their golden child is REALLY doing… amazing to me… how does a parent not know their child is a gang member? or doing drugs? or walking around with 3K in their pocket? the parents don’t care…they don’t pay attention to their kids… that’s how…

      they killed the bears? for being bears? that is incredibly evil! if the idiots had not gone into the bears home, they wouldn’t have been killed/eaten… my gosh! what is wrong with people? it’s like those that put down dogs or other animals for being an animal… so many folks tend to forget that Fido is an animal with ingrained instincts, no matter how well trained. i am a pit bull fan… i have owned pit bulls for the past 25 years… i love them… fantastic breed. but with that comes a higher level of responsibility… in training, socializing, protecting others from your dog, etc. i get so angry when people blame the dog for being a dog… it’s the owners’ responsibility to make sure the dog and other people are safe….

      ok… whew

  5. Agree on all points……

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