Jun 122013

~ I didn’t get the opportunity to speak with my Dad this morning. His chest tubes were removed this morning. The doctors told him he may get to go home tomorrow. I know he’ll be a very happy man when that happens. Momma J has done really good by bringing home to him but it’s just not the same. He has clothes, music, his own shower gel, his pillow, my grandma’s quilt. All good things to help make him comfortable.

~Work has been hectic this week. After being gone all last week… whew, amazing how the things stack up! I’m a one person department for the most part so my work doesn’t get done if I’m not there. In the first few hours back at my desk, my calendar filled up quick. It’s sorta nice to be in demand but at the same time I have so many things I need to do at my desk. For instance, plan reviews… there is the comprehensive plan that describes what we do in a disaster. And then there are about 9 other disaster specific plans. Ugh. Pretty much I am re-writing them so the content flows better… each section needs to be reorganized so all the same type information is together instead of scattered throughout. And while I’m doing that I’m working on getting the documents formatted so they match. There are all different fonts and sizes all through each document. Crazy! And then there is the grammar stuff. Oh my. Anyway, plan revisions/reviews are keeping me quite busy.

~ Poor Queen Beulah is gimping around lately. We aren’t sure what happened to her, but one of hear rear axles isn’t working quite right. She tends to walk along a little more bow-legged than before. And when she turns around, it’s sort of a step, slide, step, slide until she manages to get facing the other direction. I massaged her leg, back, and hip area and found no deformities or tenderness. I think she may have moaned a bit during the massage. Spoiled ass dog. I hope she starts walking better over the next few days. She’s an old gal and I hate to think of her hurting.

~ My name got pulled in the random drug screen program at work a few weeks ago. Yesterday I had to go back and redo my test. I was panicked. When I got there the employee health nurse told my test came back positive for methamphetamine. Well no shit. I take Adderall every single day. I disclosed that information on the pre-pee in the cup test. Anyway, he said that I have to retest to confirm the positive status. Of course it will come back positive again, and at that point I will have to go visit with the medical review officer. He will validate my prescriptions and all will be right with the world again. I asked the employee health guy why they didn’t do all this on my pre-employment screen. His jaw kind of dropped… and he let out a deep ominous “uh oh”. I suppose someone in employee health will be receiving some refresher training on what to do when someone tests positive on their drug screen.

So now I sit and wait. I asked how long before the sure to be positive confirmation test comes back. He told me Monday afternoon. Sheesh. Then they will make the appointment for me to be cleared. No one seems to be too concerned about it. They are still spending money on me and hooking me up with gizmos. I guess I really shouldn’t stress about it if my boss isn’t.

~Coach & I like pizza… a lot. We order from Domino’s because they are the only ones that deliver to the old folks park we live in. Normally we both get the hand tossed crust but yesterday I found a coupon for pan crust. I haven’t had pan crust in years & years. Holy crap that stuff is good! I had forgotten just how sinfully delicious that pan deep dish tons of greasy dough crust is. Gawd.



Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Wonderful news about your father. Not only will he be happier at home, the care will be much, much better too.

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