Apr 232012

heard a story in the news today about schools feeding kids breakfast in the classroom during the morning… many think this is a great idea. on the one hand, i think it’s great that kids are getting fed – there are many who probably don’t have much food at home, and there are those who have poor parents. apparently, the schools doing this are reporting that the kids are performing better – higher grades, better attitudes, more organized, etc.

so free breakfast is given out to all students in the morning during class… across the board all students. then of course, there is the reduced/free lunch program. this one is income based and the family has to apply for it and prove need. ok. great. kids need to eat and if they aren’t being fed at home, then they are being fed at school.

i’m not a hard-ass or anything… i swear. and i know the kids are innocent beings brought into this world totally dependent on their parental units to care for them… basic life needs… and somehow that isn’t happening for many children. BUT….

food stamps… many of these families are getting food stamps or some other form of aid to buy food. AND they are getting free/reduced lunch at school… AND now they are getting free breakfast too….

so at what point do the parents have to take responsibility for feeding their kiddos? at what point do the parents have to use their food stamps to provide 3 meals a day for their kiddos?

i don’t mind the programs… i swear i don’t. but my taxes help pay for food stamps, and my taxes help pay for food in the school system. so these kids are being double-fed, double-counted…. and you know what? there are many, many days that i eat ramen noodles, or mac & cheese, or cereal…because after all the taxes and other bills there isn’t always enough money left for me to have 3 rounded meals a day… most days i don’t get breakfast, lunch, and dinner…. i’m not looking for pity… and gawd knows i’ve got enough blubber to take me through the great depression on nothing more than some milkweed and water…. but still….

i guess i just think that these parents who are receiving food stamps to feed their families should maybe actually FEED THEIR FAMILIES… is that wrong of me? i know families who are getting between $700-$900 a month in food stamps… and getting free breakfast & lunch at school too? something seems a bit skewed in this somehow.

ok, i’m carefully stepping off the soapbox now… don’t want to fall as i make my descent ha!


it was a sort of busy weekend. well, okay maybe it only felt busy. or more accurately – it felt short.

i dispatched saturday morning… helping to fill in the shift. then just as soon as i was off work it was off to the football game. we lost again… eek. we only have one more regular game – should’ve been two more games but the last team folded a few weeks ago. our guys will be in the playoffs. the league takes the top 3 teams from each division for playoffs. now, i don’t think we’ll get more than the first round in, but hey, better than nothing lol

coach got pretty upset saturday when he heard that a rumor was started about how the coaches at LBJ quit their jobs. it had to have started with someone at the school…. i thought about it for a while and the only thing i came up with is that there maybe someone at the school feeling some sort of backlash after firing 5 coaches… i know for sure there are some students/athletes and parents pretty darned upset about it… so the way i figure it is that in an effort to keep the peace and maybe spin a positive light on theΒ  new guy, they said the coaches quit… that would put it back on those 5 coaches instead of the new guy for firing them. i just can’t come up with any other reason why someone would go around saying they all quit.

we are waiting to hear back from the coach in edinburg but it is still looking very positive. we thought maybe this week we’d get to go down there for some facetime but it is TAKS testing week right now so not the best of times to be traveling.

took a few pictures around the “backyard” yesterday….


and last but not least, i was asked to make a baby present for someone. i’ve just about got it all done but i can’t post it til the gift has been given… so here is a small snippet of what i’ve been working on:

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “a small rant, photos, and a project”

  1. I hear ya…totally agree about the ‘double dippin’!
    Ooo boy….Coach upset? Heaven help those spreading lies.
    Luv Luv LUV baby gift!!!
    Guess whose lookin at being a grandma again?
    Must work on LilBears sharing manners πŸ˜‰

  2. I understand why we require people to have licences before they have guns or cars but there are no restrictions on who has children or how many children they have. And the having and the bringing up of children strikes me as possibly more important.

    I would rather double pay and ensure that the children do get their needs met.

    • i’m with you…. i hate to think of the kids not getting to eat… and i’m grateful there are programs in place to ensure they are being fed….

      i just sure wish parents would be parents….

      i often have the same thoughts about licensing… or at a minimum, some type of family class with certification or proof at attendance before having kids lol

  3. how many kids eat at home and then get fed again at school…contirbuting to the obesity that the gov’t is condeming?
    just a thought…..

    • very true! coach and i were talking about this… neither of us have seen any kids that look like they are starving or withering away… i know kids are hungry… but maybe it’s that they are hungry for the right kind of food… they eat so much garbage, even at school. one mother in the district today was saying that she would love the help of the food programs offered in schools but she won’t accept it because of the food they are given… crap food…

      it just ticks me off mostly that we are paying double to feed many of the same families – food stamps and free food programs at school… sort of rubs me the wrong way

  4. RE: feeding kids
    I remember all too well fighting with my son to get him to eat breakfast and having to resort to Carnation Instant Breakfast to get anything into him and then even when I as a then single mom could barely afford food, making sure I packed him a nutritious lunch only to find it rotting in his backpack. So, although I do agree there is a need in many instances, I also know it’s not always the parents.

    Love your backyard photos and look forward to seeing the full baby present image when you can share it!

    Stay inspired!

  5. Love your photos!!

    Well, I have to say, that as a one time teacher and social worker, LOTS of children do not get fed at home!!! Yep the parent’s get food stamps (well not here in Canada), and may be on welfare, but that doesn’t mean they feed, or clothe, or house their children properly. So I have no problem with free breakfasts and lunches. Sometimes with the high cost of food, Hub’s and I don’t eat the best either, but our growing is done. Children need a lot more than some ramen noodles and kraft dinner to grow and develop strong, healthy bodies and minds. Okay…that’s my two cents.

    • i completely agree Karen! i hate that the kids don’t get fed at home… and i am so grateful that the schools are able to provide that for them… at least we know they are getting 2 good meals each school day…

      the thing that ticks me off is that the parents are given money to buy food to feed their kids – and they don’t! really really ticks me off… if they would use the food stamp programs to buy food for the family, the kids would get fed… well unless the parents are cooking and preparing, which is very likely….

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