Jun 052011

we are WIPED out… completely… as i type this coach is snoring in a deep and rythmic way… he’s so sore and beat up and has the purple face… but he broke many state, national, and world records today … so i suppose that means he won his he-man pissing contest…. woot!


queen beulah is pretty wiped out too… she is all curled up in a chair snoring too… she had many firsts on this trip…. first stay in a hotel… first ride on an elevator – that was pretty funny…first time attending a power-lifting meet – yes she went with us to the gym and laid on the floor while everyone petted her… at one point she at least 8 hands on her at the same time… she was sucking up the love….


and her last first… the border patrol check point… man do they have some really cool dogs or what? a red/black brindle german shepard…gorgeous!


and they are bustin their butts… way to go US Border Patrol!

difficult to read i know…. it says “year to date seizures:

Drugs 68362 LBS

Undocumented Aliens 6000


i have video to show you… but that will have to wait til tomorrow… got some editing to do … putting clips together and such… so in the meantime here a few photos i snapped…




love me some sunflowers


this is the serious macho man look before the he-man games begin


  •  June 5, 2011
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