Feb 212012

#000000;">i have only used the little newsletter feature offered by google friend connect once before…

#000000;">i did it today…. again…. friend connect is going away… bastards…. i think it’s quite possibly a case of discrimination against those of us who are non-blogger folks… in case you don’t get the newsletter i sent out, here is what i said:

#000000;">Well, the end is near….

#000000;">no! not my end or the end of my blog … heaven forbid!

#000000;">the end i speak of is Google Friend Connect….  they are banning those of us who are non-blogger sites effective March 1st…. bastards!

#000000;">this puts a real kink in the system i think…. and i view it is a control maneuver… i’m not going back to a blogger blog… they jacked with my stuff…. lost much of my writing (thankfully i kept backups)… and many comments… why in the world would i go back to that stress? moving to a self-hosted site was the best decision i have made for my little spot on the interwebs….

#000000;">anyway, thanks for reading and commenting and visiting…. i hope that you’ll make the switch to following by RSS feed or email options…

#000000;">for those of you who have had enough of my particular brand of brain dump…. i hate to see you go… but i know nothing lasts forever….

#000000;">in the meantime, those of you who are also self-hosted rebels such as myself… i’m busy signing up for your rss feeds….

#000000;">and you know what? just to be hard-headed – i might do that for all the blogs i follow… maybe i will stop using friend connect to follow any blog and do everything via rss feeds…. my own little personal protest ha!

#000000;">(the one thing i will miss about friend connect is that i won’t know who’s following via rss…. i like that part of the friend connect thingy)

#000000;">wishing you peace, love, and fuddruckers!


#000000;">pretty snazzy for a newsletter ha! not….i will not set up a page on google + because it doesn’t work the same way… no feeds and it’s just one more place to have to visit to keep up with blogging… won’t do it… can’t make me ha! i do have a facebook page though…

#000000;">how much you wanna bet that one day google will take over facebook too?

#000000;">the whole point in putting this here is so that you will know what is happening when my cute little mugshot disappears from your friend connect… i’m following but by rss instead…. i’m protesting!

#000000;">oh! big p.s. if you are new here…. since i won’t be able to see who you are and click on your image and find your site…. you’ll just have to leave me your link when you leave a comment so that i can find you

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “a newsletter and my little protest”

  1. I have you on my blogroll, so I see when you put up a new post. Your blog addy (link) is also on my sidebar.

  2. I think I already get you via an RSS feed; I do know that I don’t use Friends Connect, I just go to Follow, and put in your Blog addy, and every time you post you show up on my dashboard. I also just learned about Linky Followers at http://www.linkyfollowers.com/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 , and if I don’t screw up I will be adding that to my blog so you can follow me that way. There are ways around this mess … I hope.

    • oo i will have to go check that one out… i have you in my rss feed reader now as well…. there must be ways around the mess but it’s going to take some time and some folks will have a hard time only because the routine will be different.. change and all that

  3. That truly sucks. And of course they haven’t told us. Grrr.

    • they didn’t tell us either… i only found out because another blogger sent me an email… i visited google news site and found the announcement… very frustrating

  4. I have no idea about Google Friend Connect or RSS feeds. I just want to know how I can continue to follow you!

    • you can get me in your email 🙂 do you use a reader to look at blogs… like google reader? if so the rss feed button will take you there and you’ll get new posts in google reader….that’s how i do blogs… when is subscribe they show up there… makes it easier for me as i can read all the posts from various blogs in one spot… if i am going to comment then i click on the blog title and it takes me to the blog site…

  5. Sherri, I did get your newsletter! Now I have to figure how to read your blog after the shutdown! I think I’ll just bookmark your address and try to remember to check it regularly. Thanks for the heads-up!

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