May 062012

it’s been a crazy couple of months. truly. yesterday coach and i finally just crashed… we had a day of doing NOTHING. we slept a lot during the day…. i think the only time either one of us got dressed was when we had to leave the house to find some grub. and it was good! we went to the chinese buffet.

after much encouragement and many of you planting seeds in my brain, i have started a new website. a site strictly for trying to sell my wares. eek! i was trying to be all fancy about it and use an actual program designed for building websites. and i got way way frustrated! it makes me mad that a few short years ago my brain worked in a way that would have easily absorbed new information and been able to use it effectively. yesterday that was not the case. not at all. makes  me mad. figgin over the top angry. i was talking to jan about all of it and she just sort of laughed at me… not in a mean way though. lol she sort of let me know that it’s okay to not figure out stupid software… and she encouraged me to get the site up using what i know. and you know? she gives me such good feedback. even on the stuff that’s not her cup of tea… she will still give me good positive feedback and things to consider. thank you for that jan!

eventually, i got over wanting to do something that quite obviously was near impossible for me. it would have taken months to get the site up at the rate i was going. stupid. so i reverted back to what i know… wordpress. the site doesn’t look like i want it to. but i can tweak it and get it better and better as time goes on.

and my squaw friend… you have been such a support… such a rock… and that has encouraged me to take this leap. thank you!

wendell and whitney – you guys got me started on this journey…. your kindness and generosity towards a person that you don’t even know. wow! you two are directly responsible if i fall flat on my face! (just kidding)

coach is a great support in all of this too. he watches me over there from his chair and encourages me… i don’t get big oos and aahs from him but he looks at everything and is very patient when i say “hey, come look at this”… he gets up, puts all his stuff down to come look at something that hasn’t changed from the last time i ask him to come look ha!

so the new site:  mindful kaos. i don’t know if i will actually be able to sell anything. i’m actually pretty nervous about it haha but i finally decided that if i don’t try, i will never know. i’ve had many requests for drawings, mostly for tattoos, so that pushed me over the edge.

i’m horrible at selling myself and even worse at finding confidence in what i draw. i guess many of us are like that… human nature and all that jazz.

there is a blogger that i’ve been reading for a while. i really like her and how she approaches life through all the adversity she has around her. i won’t go into any details because it’s not my place to do so. she does art therapy… incredible paintings. her site for art is called sundrip.  i intend to buy some of her paintings. they are amazing.

today will be a day of posting more drawings over at the new place, doing some laundry, maybe a trip to the grocery store.

and it rained last night! woot! it was so friggin hot in the tin can yesterday – in the mid 90s outside… and it’s only the very beginning of may. i can only imagine what summer is going to be like. i’m dreading it quite frankly. already i feel like a big pile of steaming doo-doo. i know for sure now that i prefer the symptoms of winter over the symptoms of summer…. any day!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  6 Responses to “a new site”

  1. Great site! I also love the title you ended up picking.

  2. Hope that you get the word out and you get lots of orders. I think your art is amazing. Don’t sell yourself short. The next few months will be a time of lots of changes for the two of you. Positive changes.

    And 90 sounds wonderful to me. I know it’s not, but it sounds good. We haven’t had a 70 degree day since last September, [one is promised tomorrow], and I just want to feel WARM, darn it.

  3. Congratulations. I am off in a minute to have a look – but it sounds amazing. Good luck.

  4. Hi, good luck! Wow, people even want your designs as tattoos! So awesome!

  5. Well I must admit the site is looking better than well , ,,,, bra hahahha
    Good luck and hard work hopefully lets you succeed in following your dream. Just remember to have fun doing it! Thanks for the shout out.

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