Aug 032013

Last Thursday I upped my dose of Tecfidera to the full one…240mg twice a day. I was a bit worried about it… I was afraid I might have those pesky side-effects again. But nope. No side effects at all. My biggest problem is remembering to take the evening dose. All my meds have been of the morning variety so I haven’t developed the habit of evening dosing just yet. I need to set an alarm on my phone with a really obnoxious and loud sound.

I have discovered (again) shopping in the morning… early morning. It’s so much more pleasurable. I actually browse in addition to snagging what’s on the list. I haven’t browsed in a while because in the afternoons/evenings the stores a jam packed with people… and lots of small children running around unattended. It makes it hard to enjoy the shopping experience when constantly dodging kids who have no awareness of their surroundings or the impact they are having.

Early morning shopping was necessary this morning because we were out of that morning nectar… that sweet, sweet drink that allows us to wake up and face the day with a bit more gusto. The shelf was empty of our usual brand and flavor (Eight O’clock Mocha) so I went through all the other offerings. I ended up with Folgers mocha and Rio Grande Roast Snickerdoodle. We mixed them together and man o’man… it’s like dessert for breakfast. I imagine this blend with a bit of mint flavor… holy cow.

Work is great! I hit a major milestone last Wednesday. I have completely rewritten the emergency operations plans. Whew! That was a huge project – and it’s done! I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t meet the deadline but as the witching hour approached, I got it done.

I have all these projects going on right now… redesigning, growing, and advancing the emergency management program. Loads and loads of work but the rewards are big. I’m working on a monthly newsletter containing relevant information about disaster response, some training tips, things in the news and maybe a crossword or something. They’ve also invited me to be a part of the hospital’s main webpage. I started putting together my page design and content. Hopefully that will be up soon.

Our weather has been dreadful. Yesterday the actual temp was 102 with a “feels like” temp of 110. And there’s no end in sight. I know everyone across the country is talking about the weather… I expect it to be blazing hot but I sure hate it. All those summer symptoms… cramping, fogginess, tremors and vibrating insides. Bleh.

I think it’s time to play some morning Candy Crush (I hate this game but I can’t stop. I simply can’t stop.)


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  2 Responses to “A Mocha Snickerdoodle Morning”

  1. Your work sounds awesome, as does getting along with Telfidera.
    I just played that Candy Facebook game and I will play no more … they want $$… to play an effin’ game. Not gonna happen by me.

  2. I love that you are so productive at work. It fills me with awe.

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