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… into our marriage. I have never been in a relationship that works as well as this one does. Coach & I are perfect for one another…we have very similar characteristics in things like sense of humor, teasing, having fun… and our style of communication works well. I admit that if you don’t know us you might think we are having a bit of a spat sometimes… There have been many times people around us have looked sort of concerned for us, but then figure out this is just us… and they laugh. Anyway… last night I was shopping for some necklaces. I have a hard time finding jewelry that is my style… I hit paydirt last night and thought I should share it with Coach in case he should want to buy me gifts as all good husbands are supposed to do. So I shared the link on his facebook wall with a little note… and the following conversation is what happened (keep in mind we are living in a tin can and we are in the same room)

a good place to shop for me… a girl always likes little goodies now & then 🙂
  •  You just ordered one dear
  • that doesn’t have anything to do with it… the point is that YOU can SURPRISE ME at anytime, if you feel the desire to do that… and I’m thinking that maybe it could be in your own best interest to do so at some point
  • Bought you a water hose today
  •  yes you did… and i really appreciate it! thank you very much! i wonder how i will look adorned in a garden hose
  • And mowed the yard
  • um… that is sorta your JOB
  • You get a 3rd degree Sherri…..
  • you know what? just forget it… i’ll just SURPRISE myself Love you bunches!!
  • I took you on a lunch date today!!!!! Bazinga!!!!!!
  • yes… you do lots and lots of very nice and wonderful things for me and with me. you love me very good. no doubt about that at all. but the money to pay for the lunch date? joint account dear…
  •  So what is your point!!!!!!TTTTAAAADDDDAAAA!!!!
  • no point…
  • I win!!!!!!
  • nope, that’s not what that means at all. what it means is I AM GOING TO PLAY CANDY CRUSH NOW. and when you figure out that a husband should by nice little trinkets for his wife from time to time…. well, the seed has been planted. therefore, I WIN
  • Oh hell!!!
  • Finish the playbook dear!!!!
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “A Little Glimpse”

  1. OH and BTW….LOVE those necklaces too, might just have to be a copy cat and send the link to Shawn. Poor guy DID try and buy me a trinket for xmas (and yes, I did send him the link along with the details – kids birthdays, dogs name etc to be included on the multiple little hangy down thingys) Was through an ETSY account, had really good ratings, been around for 4 yrs…seemed like a safe bet, until xmas came and went and NO necklace..got a few emails, pretty evasive and then nothing….waited a month and finally contact ETSY….apparently account had been closed, went out of business…all gone….BYE-BYE. SO no necklace and took about 3 months to get his $$ refunded. Keeps mentioning that he “owes” me one but think he is waiting for that LINK to know what to get. Coach mentioned you ordered one for yourself? If yes, would you be a dear and let me know if they follow through and you actually GET a necklace and if it is a thumbs up so then I can give to Shawn. Don’t want him to have to go through that ordeal again cause pretty sure I would NEVER get another trinket, EVER!

    • That’s awful that you had such a bad experience on Etsy!

      The woman who is selling the stuff from the link I posted is a personal friend. She’s very reliable and I trust her completely.

      My order has been placed with her but won’t get submitted to the company until her “party” closes in a few days. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

  2. SMILE:)! I GET it and know just how AMAZING it is to have FOUND that ONE person….even if it isn’t the first time around:) happy for you!!!!!

    • It is an incredible thing! After a few failed, miserable relationships I had given up… resigned myself to living alone and being the old cat lady one day LOL This is so much better!

  3. I think that you’ll be getting a little something-something before Summer’s end :-).

  4. Too funny. Didn’t anyone else get into the conversation?

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