Sep 082011
  • these fires continue burning… and the damage, destruction, and death is incredible
  •  all total so far, more than 1400 homes lost
  • love these guys
  • but this man will ALWAYS be my hero
  • i have been disturbed lately…
  • why would a manager make fun of an employee?
  • mock an employee?
  • tell co-workers that an employee is not to be trusted?
  • generally break an employee’s spirit?
  • and when that employee finds out, how is that employee supposed to find the respect to continue working for that manager?
  • what does an employee do when it is discovered that it is the manager who is a liar?
  • veritably a liar
  • just some thoughts that i needed to get out of my  head
  • human nature… i would love to understand what motivates some people
  • but then again, maybe i wouldn’t really want to know
  • so much uproar about Dancing with the Stars
  • who cares? it’s not like they are going to bumping uglies on national TV
  • sexual preference is such a personal thing…
  • and why do we talk about it so much? it’s sex…
  • does it not constitute huge red flags to discuss a person’s sex preference?
  • with the media perpetuating this transgender fire, i expect there will be hate crimes popping up all around
  • the media is evil
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  5 Responses to “a list for the day”

  1. Agree 100% with that last statement- The media is EVIL!!!!!

  2. Seperate post on the horrifying fires.
    Deaths. homes lost. so sad. so sorry.
    what people have to go through.
    Isn’t it time for us to see some benefiial things happening.

  3. What a post. so focused. All the crappy stuff that oozes out of ugly people and the poor people who they hurt.
    why are people so sick?
    Is it the folks who lap up the media shit who perpetuate it or the media that hooks these ignoramuses. Does it matter? It’s happening.
    All this watching other people doing things on TV while you sit on your fat ass is just
    What happened to brains?
    OK, time to have tea with the Dalai Lama (and think peaceful, compassionate thoughts)

  4. Echoing Karen. I read selected newspapers, but that is about it. And I cannot watch the news (haven’t been able to since our Prime Minister before last popped up to regularly).

    And it sounds as if that manager is a truly sucky person. Good luck in coping.

  5. Yep the media is evil, but most people lap it up! I rarely watch tv, or listen to the news or read a newspaper.

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