Mar 092012

first infusion went well today… no nasty side effects… only yuck mouth… everything tasted horrible but i was sooo friggin hungry… and eating made me a little woozy in the stomach… and i think waste management has enforced the strike teams, even recruiting the aforementioned scabs that had crossed the line… dang it all to hell

texas weather… what the hell…

we’ve been in the upper 70’s and into the 80’s for almost a month now… til today… 40’s… yep… and lots o rain….

i found that it’s very tricky to take a picture of the rain peeking out the door without getting wet… and having said picture look like rain… oh well…

these patterns and shadows caught my eye this afternoon

reminded me of a photog who was a great influence on me when i was in photojournalism classes… oh how i loved those days… living the dream man, living the dream… anyhow, that photog was aaron siskind…. i really like his style.. he was a great influence on the art form back in the days of expressionist art…

a friend emailed me a video that i really like… it’s a montage of male movie stars…


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1.  Loving your rain and hoping that (except for the poison mouth thing) all your infusions bring positive results.

    • more rain today = i love love love the rain, especially when it comes complete with thunder… ahhhh … coach on the other hand can’t stand it… it forces him to slow down and give up on his projects for the day…

      second infusion coming right up…. i slept good last night and didn’t feel to weird yesterday post infusion…. bit different but not horrible… so we’ll see….

  2. I hope your infusions take care of your symptoms. When I did IVSM, I think I had a 70% success rate, back when I was RRMS. I loved the fact that it made me feel warm (!), go figure, and only once did I get a migraine from taking it. I always put on the obligatory eight pounds, but it was just water weight, and came off just as easily.

    I also LOVE your picture of RAIN. Not sure if it was what you were aiming for, but I like it.

    And it’s in he 40’s there? BOO HOO. Put on a sweater. 40s and raining here. Oh, we had ONE day that reached the high 50’s – but I don’t think that’s cause for celebration. Come Summer and you will be WANTING this weather. Just sayin’.  🙂

    •  oh i much prefer the cool weather! not cold but cool…. the thing that is so difficult is the extreme back & forths… funny stuff ahaha

      so far so good on the infusion… i slept well last night, which surprised me… second dose coming up in a few minutes…

      i sorta like the rain picture but i’m a bit confused about why it turned out the way it did… maybe combo of light sources or something… that purple haze is a bit wierd… lol

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