Dec 182013
  • Is it considered re-gifting if I use a gift card to buy gifts?
  • I was shopping at Hobby Lobby today. Love that store. Everything is 50% off! EVERYTHING. Oh my. I was standing in front of a large display, about 3 feet between myself and the goodies…. bags, bows, ribbons, paper, ornaments… A man walked between me and the display. He managed to work his way through that 3 foot space (there was about 8 feet of open space behind me)… and just as he was passing directly in front of me… guess what happened? He let loose of a NOISY odoriferous bodily by-product! He farted on me! And he didn’t miss a step… didn’t pause, hesitate, look around… just kept going.
  • There a few people in this world who are lucky to find a career that is perfectly suited for them. They find their niche and develop themselves beyond all others in the field. They work hard and grow. My son-in-law is one of those people. He has a work ethic that supersedes most people I’ve known. His work integrity is above reproach. He is excellent at what he does.
  • I love Sheldon Cooper. He is the funniest guy!
  • When driving in a parking lot, doesn’t it make sense to use the same “rules” of the road as when on the road? Drive on the right…. yield right of way to the main passages. I wish people would do that around here. I was nearly killed twice when leaving my office today. Absurd.
Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  3 Responses to “A Few Bullets”

  1. Is it possible…that the farting fellow did it on purpose? Maybe he’s got some, I dunno, weird THING where he farts on people. Sorry it happened to you, though. Ugh!

  2. The gentleman at Hobby Lobby wasn’t. A gentleman I mean. How truly vile.

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