Mar 212011

wow, this has been one hell of  week! and today has been one of those days that i am so incredibly beat that i am beyond feeling anywhere near normal…

quick rundown (remembering that this was spring break and i was off work):

  • Saturday – football game in killeen
  • Sunday – left for rockport
  • Monday – corpus christi shopping, back to rockport, out to dinner at crab n restaurant
  • Tuesday – dentist in the morning, then drive home
  • Wednesday – up EARLY drive to brenham to teach a few classes, then home for football practice that night
  • Thursday – up EARLY drive to brenham to teach a class, then home for football practice that night
  • Friday – up EARLY drive to brenham to teach a class, then home…. ahhhhhh!
  • Saturday – up semi-early, catch up on internet and artsy projects, football game that night in San Marcos  *we won!
  • Sunday – here we are…. so freakin exhausted that i can’t hardly walk through the grocery store….

on my days off i try to go without out my meds…the energy ones… but today that didn’t work out so well. we went to wally world to do some grocery shopping. after about 20 minutes i was so struggling…. it felt as though i was sludging through a huge vat of molasses that had bees buzzing around it… my legs were so bogged down that i really began to think that they were just not going to move another inch… and the burning hot spots all over my body like a thousand bee stings…. yucko… we shopped for about 45 minutes and made it to the register… by this time i’m holding onto coach’s shoulder for a bit of stability… as we wait in line to pay coach went and got us a bottle of diet soda from the cooler…. i popped 1/2 of those pink pills… i just knew that i would begin to feel better before we made it to the car…. WRONG. by the time we made it home i was the same.. no worse thank goodness…. managed to get the mother load put away and i laid down… instant sleep… for just about 3 hours… wow!

now i hate sleeping away the one day off i had for spring  break… i mean, i know i was off work (sort of) but for me a day off means….. jammies, coffee, internet, maybe a movie, some tangling… never leaving the house! that didn’t happen for me…

now this upcoming week is going to be a bitch as well…. i thought once i was declared disabled that things would get easier for me…boy did i have that one wrong… i’m working the evening shift in dispatch on monday, wednesday, and friday… on tuesday and thursday i work my normal hours during the day in my normal job capacity…. evening, day, evening, day, evening…  by saturday i’m going to be shitty all over again….


coach hs been complaining for a bit about his ear feeling like it is stopped up …. fluid in the ear sort of thing… he takes an antihistamine daily for years now but he was getting no relief… so we looked in his ears and found loads of waxy stuff in there… not like normal ear wax but powdery…weird… i bought some ear candling candles at the health food store and today i candled his ears…. are you guys familiar with this?

put a long hollow stick of wax in the ear and light it on fire… really? oh man! but when it all burned down and we cut open the remaining wax…. HOLY SHIT!  i cannot believe what came out of his ear!!! unreal!!!

he still says “huh?” when i talk to him though… ha! may have to get some more candles…  i only hurt him once….

and even after i hurt him, he went out and grilled up some burgers for us….love that man!

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