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We spent our evening at a house warming party last night. I must say that I felt a bit like a chaperon… everyone there was quite young.

In the backyard, there were many tables set up for sitting and visiting. Coach and I spent the evening sitting at a table that we pretty much had to ourselves. We were in the “senior’s section” ha! At one point, the youngsters were tired of just sitting and visiting so they decided to set up a beer pong game. We watched. I don’t remember ever being enthralled by drinking games.
(I admit to playing quarters once… we’ll just say um, I lost. The only time I was ever really drunk in my life.)

Everyone always looks like they are having so much fun, but really… is it truly that fun? I have often wondered how much of that laughter and goofy behavior is put-on and how much is real. I’m a cynic, I know. My philosophy is that if you are drinking to get drunk, then just drink. Must there be games made in order to justify the drunkedness? Why not just man (or girl) up and admit that the whole purpose was to get drunk. I guess if there is a game involved, it’s easier to say you were playing a game and didn’t do so well? pft who knows.

The host is a fellow coach. Coach-host and his wife were having this party, calling it a house warming party, when in reality it was a set up. There are a couple of single coaches on the staff, and coach-host’s wife has a few single friends who I suppose are looking for a good man. So pretty much it was a ruse. I don’t think it worked… at least it didn’t appear that way to me. One of the single coaches didn’t show up and the other came pretty late. I don’t think that either of them is interested in the hook up.

The coach-host and his wife were struggling over music. It was pretty funny. He’s into country music, she’s into dance/rap/pop music. When she was occupied and not paying attention, coach-host would go in and change the station to some country. After a song or two, the wife would go in and change it back. Towards the end of our evening, he would change the music and she would make her move before even ½ of a song had played. LOL Ah the struggles of different tastes…there was no compromise in that household. What she wanted is what was going to happen.

I’ve seen that I need to rework my wardrobe too. I think every woman was wearing shorts… twill, various pastel colors, with a cuff that rests just under the ass check in that crease between the cheek and thigh. These shorts are generally paired with a top that is either 1) see through or 2) has a very deep scoop neck. I’ve also noticed that I must look into fashion boulder holders with pretty straps so that I can show them off under a tank top that has a deep scoop neck and is slightly see through. Then, the final piece of the outfit would be the shoes. Great big huge, wedge type sandals… how in the world do they walk in those things for hours on end? I’ve never been much of a heel girl… after standing for a bit, the balls of my feet hurt so bad… I suppose that the ball of the foot was just not designed to support 95% of the weight in girls of my, um, stature.

So maybe I won’t rework my wardrobe after all. I’m pretty happy in my Danskin wardrobe…

A few of the other coaches showed up and sat with us. I enjoy meeting them and getting to know a bit about them. They seem like a nice group of guys… And they sure razz each other.

I indulged in a glass or two of a Barefoot wine. You know, it was actually pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not beer drinker… never developed a “taste” for it.

After two glasses of wine and about 3 hours of visiting, we came on home. Today will be a nap day. About ½ hour after I woke up, I knew this to be true. You know, there are just some days when you realize that sleep is what is needed most. When I mentioned this to Coach, he said good! He likes nap days sometimes too.

We watched the dumbest movie last night as we were lying in bed attempting to wind down for sleep.

Normally, this isn’t the type of movie I would find entertaining at all. But for some reason last night, it was hilarious. (my humor is off-balance due to the excessive skin loss… who knew epithelials had such a stabilizing effect on the mental well-being) This crazy lunatic coach is hired by a failing DIII school to turn the program around. The things he did to those football players was incredible! In one scene, he had them running the field… and he was on a bicycle carrying a sideline marker (you know, those big orange things with the chains)… he was basically trying to skewer the players…certainly provided some incentive for the players to run harder and faster ha!

This morning, there is an equally dumb movie on that I have not even paid attention to. The Love Guru… stupid… really stupid.

It’s now 9:42 in the AM… I do believe it’s



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