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#000000;">ok… where did i leave off…. oh yes, the divorce…
#000000;">so it took about forever 2 years to be final… and A & I came out pretty unscathed. So now it was time to start over and build a new life.
#000000;">I found us a cute little rent house just down the street from the hospital I was working in. It was great… old white washed farm-style home. It was in town close to the stores and such. And a good sized house… the rent was good too…. can you believe $275.00 a month! Sounds like a bargain these days! It was a 1800 square foot, 2 bedroom 2 bath house with a HUGE porch! We loved it… we moved in during the summer. A had a backyard to play in…I had a porch to sit on at night and listen to some tunes… great!
#000000;">December rolled around and it was getting pretty darned cold. The house had gas space heaters in it. I HATE GAS… it scares the crap out of me.  So I decided that instead of running those heaters, A & I would go stay at my Dad’s house. It was about a week before Christmas and we packed us some bags, the presents and other goodies, and headed to Dad’s. (he lived in the same town so it worked out good) We had a large time and a great holiday there. It snowed a few times – unusual for this part of Texas – and it started warming up…. I think we went from the low 30’s to mid 60’s in less than a week!
#000000;">So we packed it all up again and headed back to our little house. And you will

#000000;">not believe what we found when we got there…. EVERYTHING was frozen solid! Still! The aquarium was frozen!! It was a 25 gallon fish tank… the fish were frozen mid-swim! The toilet bowl was frozen… the aerosol cans were frozen… unreal!! The temperature was due to start dropping again and we had freeze warnings in the near future so I called the landlord to tell him what was going on. Even when I turned the heaters on it was much to cold in this cute little house… the landlord said there was nothing he could do for me… so A & I moved out.
#000000;">We moved to a small apartment complex a few blocks away. The rent was really more than I could afford but I got lucky… the lady who owned the complex was in need of an on-site manager! I stepped up and took that job… my rent was reduced to the $275 I was accustomed to paying. All I had to do was collect rent, keep the grounds picked up and check the laundry room to make sure it was cleaned up. Pretty easy job!
#000000;">We lived in that apartment for about 3 years…had some really good times. Mary moved in with her kids when her divorce was final. And oh the good times began! LOL 

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