Aug 122012

Oh happy Sunday! Coach is home for the day. Finally. And yesterday he got home from work around 6ish. I was excited to have him home. Of course he was napping for most of the evening but that’s okay. I know he was beat after this past week. They’ve been working really hard building this program. They had an inter-squad scrimmage yesterday. It was fun to go see what they are doing. The coaches watched the film afterwards and it sounds as if the team is doing pretty well. This coming Friday we scrimmage against another school. I’m looking forward to that – that will show what the players can do against another team.

We have no plans for the day… mostly. We are going to go eat somewhere & visit with the pony. But other than that, Coach wants to be at home. I can understand that. His day of rest.

I’ve been sketching. I finished EDM #1 – Draw your shoe and EDM #2 – Draw a lamp. Next is a purse, wallet, or bag. I’m enjoying this & it gives me a sense of purpose. Okay, purpose is a big word here – maybe it gives me something to do that I’ve made a commitment to. I know this commitment isn’t much to anyone else but for me it’s great. I know that I’m no artist. I know that I won’t make any money doing this. But I do know that it’s something that I’ve always felt inside me – creativity.

As a child & young adult I had dreams for myself. I wanted to be an artist – writer – photographer – journalist. I had it in me then. The electives I took in school were preparing me for that path. It felt very right. As a young person, I was very easily influenced by those in my life. I had little to no confidence in myself at all. I lacked faith in my ability to make my own life choices. In the end, it broke me. I sit here very often and wonder about how different my life would be had I made my own decisions about who I wanted to be & how I wanted to live. Vastly different. That line of thinking isn’t always good though. I love & cherish my daughter. I’m very grateful for the experiences I’ve lived through. And I love Coach with all my being. Those things would be very different if I had lived my life differently. However, I do believe that the people in our life are there for a reason. They were put in my life. And if I believe that, then I have to believe that had I made my own choices, taken the path that I felt was right for me, these people would still be in my life. I may have come across them at a later time or in a different way but I think Coach & I would’ve still met and been together. I believe Ashley would still be my daughter… her soul was destined to be in my life.

My father (love you Dad) has always encouraged creativity. He is responsible for feeding my interest in photography. I remember growing up visiting Dad & spending time in his darkroom. He had a full set-up in his kitchen. I learned about creating pictures…. taking the photo, framing it, seeing things with a different eye… I learned about chemicals and emulsion… I learned about light. I learned about shadows… I learned about cropping, burning, & dodging. I was given a camera. I was in heaven! I started taking photojournalism & photography classes in school. I took more art classes. My father has a wonderful eye. He took wonderful pictures. He taught me about shooting from the hip, getting the best candid shots.

The twins are 7 today. Seven. S.E.V.E.N. Holy shit. How did that happen? Happy Birthday to those precious girls! They are such a force of life.

And now… the grand finale of the day – or this post at least – My sketches….

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  7 Responses to “A Birthday and EDM 1 & 2”

  1. Welcome to EDM! Your zentangles are terrific. Seems that you have found a way to challenge your talents!

  2. Love your sketches, Sheri. I hope you keep up with the challenges and continue to share them.

  3. Great sketches Sherri – and in color! So far I’ve only progressed back to black and white, and one of them is on my last blog. We all have things we could have done better in the past, and a few regrets, but we live in the now and every day is a challenge. Glad you’re having a good day.

    • i’m new to color and it’s so fun playing with the inks lol i have always been partial to black & white and i’m sure that i’ll go back to that… or at least colors that are much more muted

      i’ve done well living in the now… since getting MS i find that i look back more on different things… bleh

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