Aug 282012
  • I spend so much time trying to figure out what it is I want to be doing. I wake up each morning & think about all the things I CAN do compared to what I WANT to do… then compare those both to what I NEED to do. It all seems pretty futile doesn’t it? I spend so much time trying to figure those things out so in the end, not much gets done at all. Stupid. I wish somehow I could get the CAN-WANT-NEED to do’s to align with the planets so that all would be copasetic and get done with passion & flair. But I suppose that if things lined up so neatly life wouldn’t be near as much fun because then there’d be no doubts, fears, and nothing left to think about doing the next day. How boring.

  • All the political ads out there are making me crazy. There is so much bashing going on, so much negativity & meanness. I haven’t really heard what anyone wants to do to fix things. I am sick & tired of the women’s health issues. In reality, sex is sex is sex. If you don’t want to risk becoming pregnant, don’t have it. If you want to avoid disease, then take the proper precautions. My theory is that sex is a luxury unless you are one of those people with a problem that makes it necessary to partake. I’m not referring to the basic human condition known as desire but things like tumors in that particular area of the brain.

  • That being said, it’s not up to the government to pay for my luxuries. I can remember when I was younger (shocking I know), my insurance didn’t pay for birth control pills. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had an insurance policy EVER that paid for my birth control. It was one of those monthly expenses I had to include in my budget. When did insurance start paying for those pretty little pills? When I didn’t have enough money to pay for them, I made my over to Planned Parenthood & paid my $5 for the pills, or other don’t-wanna-be-pregnant means were used. And of course, abstinence works really well too.

  • Speaking of abstinence, most kids have no clue what that word means.

  • The really funny thing is that kids think sex is fun when in reality they have no clue what they are doing. Well, they know what they’re doing enough to get pregnant and end up working at McDonald’s for the rest of their lives because they can’t finish high school or find sitters other than family members who end up paying the price for the kids’ inability to deny the self of an act that really has no meaning to them yet.

  • But hey, it’s cool to have a kid on your hip when you are 14 or 15 years old and of course, it allows the girl to keep the guy – at least until her belly grows and he decides to move on to some other chick who’s putting out. Eventually, these “men” end up with 6 or more babies with as many moms and spend no time with them because the new Madden game has come out and they MUST spend time with the guys honing their skills. After all, there is that big Madden tournament coming up and they might win some money. That money won’t go to diapers or formula or anything else though. They’ll surely need to buy some new kicks or a dime sack because they play so much better when they have that sack on the table.

  • Seriously though, girls… listen up! You will not win his love, his heart, or his loyalty by putting out. No matter what he has said to you up until this point, giving in to his desires will NOT allow you to be loved by this guy forever and ever. In fact, he doesn’t really love you at all. If he did, he wouldn’t be after the ta-ta right now. He would be proud of a girl who had enough self-respect to ABSTAIN until the relationship is solid and true and loving. It is very rare that a person so young finds true love. Of course, you won’t believe me because at your age you surely already know everything there is to know about life, love, and world peace.

  • Man, I feel horrible for that poor woman who attempted to restore that fresco of Jesus. She will never ever be able to live it down. Ever. However, all of the sudden, the painting has become very famous. They are saying the tourists are flocking to see it so the economy is looking up in that region. God works in mysterious ways.

  • Yesterday I thought things were going to turn around in the rain department…. The sky was heavy and purple, there were loud claps of thunder… and the prettiest rainbow I’ve seen in a long time. But not a single flippin drop of rain! Not one. It smelled of rain when I stepped outside. It looked like rain. What a tease.

  • Coach started the school year Monday with 1 kid in his class. As of yesterday, 3…. one of which was sent to him because she attacked her teacher with a stapler. ON THE SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL! What is wrong with folks? What could trigger a person to try and staple their teacher before there’s even been any a homework assignment or quizzes? Maybe the cereal was too soggy or the egg yolk to runny during breakfast. Or maybe the corner store has too much syrup & not enough carbonation in the sodas. Or maybe Mom expected the bed to be made before leaving for school. Or maybe… hell, who knows. I can’t think of any valid reason to attack the teacher with a stapler.

  • I had a mission yesterday to buy colors & coloring books. Who would’ve thought it near impossible to do? There are NO crayons anywhere to be had… well, except the 120 pack… so that’s what I bought. And one coloring book. One.

  • He has a kid who is MR and autistic, nonverbal. The coloring stuff is for him. I wonder how he’s going to fare with the stapler girl. I think Coach has some interesting days ahead of him.

  • I’m totally done (for now) with these long arse run-on sentences that probably drive most of you absolutely crazy but are sure fun to write! Have a great Wednesday and smile! Life is fun!

Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Well dear there are no truer words spoken…….How many of the kids have we told the same thing….
    Had one today in practice talking about the drill team, so I jumped him in front of his teammate.

  2. Your right! Even if it’s a downer it’s true. Living only in the moment is a heck of a lot easier, when your young!

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