Jan 252012

oh the rain! we need it… and i so enjoy the thunder and the lightning…. the magic that is mother nature… but you, she must’ve been in a pretty foul mood this morning… either that or someone really, really ticked her off! tornadoes…. so much damage around these parts…. thankfully, i haven’t heard of injuries or death… but the destruction is all around us… we are fine… my family’s home is fine…

when planning the funeral coach & i had thought that tuesday or wednesday would be good…. brother-in-law wanted to do monday so that’s what we did… and boy, is it good we did! monday was gorgeous… not hot, not cold…the sun was shining big and bright…. had we waited it would’ve been rather turbulent to say the least…

coach & i have accomplished a great deal of the things that must be dealt with at the end of a life… one more day of things to work on and then it’s time to get on with life… coach is doing well – as well as can be expected after losing his mom. my family has been a wonderful thing for him… a pleasant distraction of sorts… we have kept him busy…we have kept his heart full of love and goodness….

the soul got some new shoes today… i’ve been riding on 3 shoes and a flip flop for a few weeks… talk about eating up some go-go juice (gasoline)! but my soul baby is so much happier today… 2 new shoes… happiness

another fun thing we got to do… something that i haven’t been able to do since i’ve moved away…. we went to the school and surprised the twins at lunch… happy meals with barbie doctors inside… little bitty tables with little bitty stools… poor coach… big man on little stools… cute!

i mentioned that we stayed in that wonderful Hampton the first few nights… well, last night was spent at Dad & Mom2’s house… what a wonderful hotel they have! chicken & dumplings for dinner…. wonderful conversation… lots o love…   coach & i went to starbucks to meet kiddo after dinner… when we returned… look what we found:

homemade chocolate chip cookies!


the beast has rared up a few times… the stress, the exhaustion leaves me a bit wonky but i suppose that’s to be expected… i have some new things going on but i’m hoping against all hope that it’s the stress… hoping that these new things go away… i’ve been chanting “no flares, no flares”… i don’t think it’s working though….


Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

  10 Responses to “3 shoes and a flip flop”

  1. Sorry to hear about the funeral……=(

  2. Stress/doing toooo much/fatigue all add up to new manifestations for me too. Look after yourself as well as you can at this demanding time.

    • i just hate it too….

      but, i made it through… i kept up mostly… okay well i walked a bit slower than the others ha!

      and the talking backwards was entertaining for others 🙂

  3. That’s a cute post. I have a quilt a lot like the one in the picture. Mine’s very old. I received your email about friend connect. Why don’t you just get a blog. They are free and lots of fun. Good luck, Doylene

    • i love that quilt…. it’s so comfy…

      i had a blogger blog for a long time then it started acting up… several posts and far too many comments were lost when blogger started going through it’s metamorphosis last year… so i moved to a self-hosted blog…

  4. Make sure *you* take care of yourself. It is hard thing to do when someone dies but do try. (((hugs)))

    • it is a very hard thing to do…. coach was my first priority and he’s doing quite well with everything… much better than i had anticipated….

      as for me, some restful days and a bit of time and i should be back to my own level of “normal”… fingers crossed anyway ha

  5. Awww Love, I’m sorry for the new shitty things that are nipping at your heels with The Beast. Praying it is the stress that has brought it all on.

    Give Coach a hug from me.

    Take care of each other.

    • ah my dear sweet friend…

      stupid Beast rares up from time to time and i guess that’s to be expected… just hate it when it does… bleh

      i’m so happy to see that you are coming back to us.. vent! rage! rant!

      love you!

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