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Life is crazy. I know, I say that each time I post. And I do that very infrequently. I think about writing every day. I formulate thoughts, string words together in my mind, clever little wing dings to make a story more entertaining. And then the phone rings. Or someone walks in to my office. Or I realize there’s an quickly encroaching deadline looming over my head. And I don’t get here to write.


So… there’s been loads of activity and goings-on in my little world over the past several months. Having the kids here has kept us busy naturally. Every Sunday we do laundry, play, work on homework (me), and have a family dinner together. Monday-Friday of course there is work and that has to be addressed in another paragraph or six. Every Wednesday, I pick up one of the grand-girls after work and she comes home with me. We hang out, play with Papa A, eat dinner, and then Papa does a slushie run!

Friday nights vary – sometimes it’s movie night, sometimes it’s coffee night, sometimes it’s evening swimming. Saturday – swimming! The week is full.

Now let’s add my most wonderful job to the mix.

The work I’ve been doing the past 9 months far exceeds the scope of my actual job description. I’m okay with that – new doors, new horizons, and the possibility of advancement. I have no expectations but sometimes, every now & again, someone with the magic wand says things to me that makes me think… well, I could move up the proverbial ladder some day. And sometimes, just sometimes, the someone leads me to believe it could happen sooner than I would imagine. As if I would imagine such advancement anyway. Pft. So I’m busting ass and working hard. I’m doing whatever I can to meet the expectations, wait no! To EXCEED the expectations.

Here’s a quick summary of my next 4 weeks:

  • Tomorrow a 50 page rough draft application for a performance excellence award was due… but unforeseen things out of my control have delayed the writing of this draft. So…
  • Friday I attend the didactic portion of the Resident’s week to conduct a briefing about a huge volunteer medical initiative they have been volunteered to participate in. (I don’t know if I mentioned anywhere in the past but the organization I work for has recently becoming a teaching facility partnered with a newly formed UT medical school) utrgv
  • Saturday Coach is competing in one of his he-man, ball-busting, I’m stronger than everyone else contests LOL
  • Sunday Coach leaves for coaching school 🙁
  • Monday-Friday next week I’m going into seclusion. My office door will remain closed. I will not answer my phone with the exception of emergencies. I WILL WRITE THE DRAFT.
  • The following week (7/27) is 5 days of huge medical initiative.
  • And finally, 10 days after that… with less than 10 days to complete the planning and coordinating… there might be, maybe, an event of large magnitude… and I can’t really say much more than that until after said event…. dang.

The deadlines are huge, the expectations are high.

The MS is at bay… mostly.

Dali_DreamAnd I’m sharing this just because.

Just because I love it and Dali was a genius.

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Being an adult is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.

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  1. Dali was indeed a genius.
    A poster of his Swans Reflecting Elephants hung on my walls until it disintegrated.
    Lovely ot hear from you again – and to now that the beast is mostly ok, and that from the sounds of it you are v busy and happy.

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